I capture hearts…

…in many different ways. Whether it’s through the smile of a baby, the pout of a model or the happy tears from the mother of the bride at a wedding. When you love what you do, you awaken the hearts of others.


Welcome to my little corner of the internet that I like to call home. The place where I like to share all my thoughts, feelings, stories, occasional funny moments and my creative flair.

Sincerely Sophie is dedicated to my passion for photography & writing. A love that I developed throughout childhood.

I like to encourage happiness and positivity to both my clients and readers, so I invite you to make yourself that drink, pull up a chair and take a wander through my happy place.

Frequently asked Questions

Occasionally, I get inundated with so many wonderful questions from my clients and readers…
Describe your style

My style is very feminine. I’m a girl’s girl and I love anything vintage and pretty. I’d say my style reflects that. With photography, I love bright lighting and natural shots. Although some posed images can look quite cute. I’m quite experimental with my images and like to stear clear of certain ‘rules’ other photographers follow. 

With the blog, I’d say i’m very open and honest…sometimes maybe too honest. I write only from the heart and on subjects i’m very passionate about. I like to include all sorts of content and not just focus on fashion and beauty. I prefer to talk about topics and products people can relate to. 

What inspires you?

Passion. Whether that’s through a photographers love of what they do, a bloggers way with words or a client with a beautiful story to tell.

I find inspiration everywhere. Driving through the countryside, walking through bustling cities, standing on the platform waiting for a train, even sitting in a rustic cafe. As soon as i get that inspirational flutter, my mind tends to run away with itself.

Why did you choose this path?

From an early age, I’ve always had an interest in the creative world. I remember coming home from school and watching repeats of Art Attack. Attempting (and failing) to create puppets with felt, letters made from wood and 3D Picasso artwork made from cardboard boxes.

When I started school, my career aspirations varied…singer, police woman, window cleaner, shop owner…but one thing never changed, and that was my love for the creative world. Art and Graphics were still my favourite lessons.

I remember sitting in college and arguing with the teacher over my subject options. I wanted to do graphics and become a graphic designer for Vogue. I was told over and over again that in order for me to do graphics, i also had to take up photography. I had no interest in photography, no snazzy camera and no idea how photography would help me with graphics. I spent the entire summer holiday’s thinking over my options.

By the time my final year came around and it was time to sit and sulk, learning about a topic i had no interest in, my mood soon changed. Photography was so interesting. It wasn’t all about camera settings and expensive equipment, it was about vision and creativity. I began, and still do, fall more and more in love with photography by the day.

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The American Dream

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Goodbye 2016 | Hello 2017

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