We all have a few secrets we probably shouldn’t tell. Maybe they’re too embarrassing to reveal or maybe sharing them would make us sound absolutely bonkers. Either way, we all know secret’s are bound to be revealed eventually. And unfortunately, my day is today. I have decided to reveal some of my most embarrassing and cringeworthy secrets in today’s blog post ranging from childhood dreams to secret ambitions and things I shouldn’t really share…

Ok, here goes…

I’ll start of with something not so bad. Around the time Michael Jackson died a few years back I went through a phase of watching all his music videos on a daily basis and became a little obsessed with all things MJ. I realised when watching the ‘Bad’ video that I had a major thing for him. The hair, the clothing, the eyeliner. His attitude was a major turn on for me too. I have a thing for arrogance and by arrogance I don’t mean a man who is rude and obnoxious but someone who knows what he wants and how to get it. I used to imagine what it would be like to be his girlfriend…..sad isn’t it.Bad-michael-jackson-7647469-1787-2560

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Now for an embarrassing secret that is actually quite funny. I love to watch musicals and anything that involves some sort of love story. I’ve never watched the original version of Footloose but a few months back I did watch the remake they made in 2011 with Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald. I LOVED the film and fell in love with the music too despite already knowing a few of the songs. I loved the energy and the beat to Footloose that I danced around to it in my living room whilst watching the film. The next morning I woke up and went downstairs into the kitchen to make some breakfast.  Whilst I was waiting for my toast in the toaster I plugged my phone into the speaker and played Footloose. I seriously WENT FOR IT! I was kicking my feet and waving my hands for the entire song. As it finished I went light-headed and sat down on the chair for a few minutes unable to breathe and feeling very faint. I stood up to get a glass of water and that’s all I remember. I passed out and came round as my head hit the floor. I’d actually knocked myself out dancing to footloose. Oh god. Safe to say I had a massive bruise on my head for a few days after that. I haven’t put that much effort into a dance since haha.

This next secret I’ll tell you is more of a secret dream I have. I love to watch apocalypse type films and films on the world ending. Just like millions of other people in the world I am hooked on The Walking Dead. I think it is one of the most amazing programs I’ve ever watched and everything about it is just awesome. Every time I watch an episode of The Walking Dead or a film on some sort of apocalypse I can guarantee I will end up wishing that I woke up the next morning in the same sort of scenario. Running through empty streets fearing for your life, surviving on anything you can find untouched at the supermarket and hiding under cars for safety. I find that world so exciting and I’m itching for it to happen. The next best thing though would have to be paying for an experience within the Zombie Shopping Mall they have in Reading. A define addition to my bucket list!


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Another embarrassing secret is my twitch. This is no joke and as silly as it sounds, I do in fact have a twitch that only comes at the most in convenient times. And by a twitch I mean for a split second my body will just do something I have no control over. The first time I remember it happening was on a trip to Alton Towers when I was in college. I was queuing up for a ride with my three friends at the time and we had been waiting for around an hour. We were nearing the front and beginning to get pretty bored. We were a little squashed so I was standing quite close to a man in front of me. Out of nowhere my foot launched forward and kicked him in the back of the leg. Quite a heavy kick as well. He turned round to me with a WTF look on his face and I could feel the blood from my face just drain with embarrassment. I apologised and he turned back round. Since that incident I have thrown a bowl of Frosties over my face and now refuse to walk along a canal alone as I have a tendency to walk right near the edge and attempt to jump in. Twice now I’ve been so close to just jumping in. I know a few of you might not believe it but hand on heart I’m telling you the truth. As stupid as it sounds.

Possibly my most embarrassing moment TO DATE has got to be flying home from America when I was around 11-12. Everyone knows flights to and from America are pretty long. We were flying from California to Manchester which was around a 10 hour flight. Everyone knows that flight food isn’t the best food and that was no different on our flight. We were half way in and were being served our food. I can’t remember what we had but I do remember there was a piece of chocolate included that I got very excited about. So, I get my tray of food and grab my piece of chocolate. There’s never anywhere to put anything as the fold up tray on the back of the chair is tiny so I decided to put the chocolate (still in its wrapper) on the chair, between my legs, and save it for when I’d eaten my meal. I totally forgot about it and carried on watching films and reading the many magazines I had bought in duty-free. Hours later we were packing up our luggage and getting ready to land back in Manchester. I sat back in my seat and relaxed until we had landed. Once back on English soil we were getting ready to leave the plane and head to arrivals. As I stood up I looked down at my seat and saw this brown mess. (I was wearing a light blue Juicy Couture track suit so you can image the state.) I suddenly realised that I’d forgotten to eat my chocolate and instead it was smeared all over my pants. It looked like I’d sh*t myself!!! I was so embarrassed. I refused to walk anywhere as my entire family were laughing at me. In the end I decided to quickly remove my track suit jacket and tie it around my waist hiding my bum and the chocolate stain smeared all over it. I was mortified walking of the plane. I was too embarrassed to tell any of the crew so I walked away leaving a horrible looking mess all over the chair. When we got through to arrivals there was an announcement on the tannoy that all arrivals should head over to the desk and go through security. I remember wanting to cry with embarrassment and praying that I didn’t have to take off my jacket going through security. Luckily, I didn’t get asked to remove my jacket but I can safely say I WILL NEVER PUT CHOCOLATE IN BETWEEN MY LEGS ON A FLIGHT AGAIN and I WILL NEVER AGAIN WEAR A LIGHT BLUE TRACKSUIT ON A 10 HOUR FLIGHT! Oh the mess!

I think I might have shared a little too much in this post that I probably shouldn’t have but at least you know a little bit more about me now. Even if i do sound a little mad. I suppose I should tell myself that at least I’m not boring.

So I hope you enjoyed reading just a few of my embarrassing secret’s. Of course, I’m not going to share every secret I have. That would be stupid. But I would love to hear some of your secret’s! Post them in the comments below if your brave enough…

Sincerely, Sophie x