That’s right. I’m not perfect (Despite what my mum tells me). I have my flaws, a few things I’m utterly useless at. At the end of the day you’re the only person on this planet who truly knows yourself inside and out. And with that, I can safely tell you all with confidence that I can quite easily give you quite a list of things I’m not very good at…

Time-Keeping… I am the WORST time-keeper known to man! Honestly, I can easily arrive an hour late to catch up with a friend or an event. I have the worst track record when it comes to time keeping and if you were to ask a friend or a member of my family they will go on and on about how late I can be. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 20.15.58Funny thing is that it has now got to the point where friends tell me to be there an hour earlier than I should be just so i’ll be on time. I’ve tried everything I can to arrive somewhere on time. I’ve even set my clock 15 minutes early in the past but with that I know that I’ve done it so instead I tell myself “It’s ok that I’m running late because the clocks 15 minutes early anyway”. I’ve given myself a full hour and a half to get ready, yet still I end up running late. People ask me all the time if my lateness is caused by messing around when I should be getting ready and the answer to that is No! I don’t check my phone or sit around for a few minutes wasting time, It literally does take me a full hour to do my hair and make-up. (Photo:

Choosing an outfit… Oh wow! Now this one annoys the hell out of me. As you will see a few points down I struggle a little with self-love and body confidence. This is very clear to me when choosing clothing and outfits to wear. Growing up I was a very skinny kid with nobly knees and little ankles but towards the end of high school I began developing my ‘Womanly Figure’ as they say and I gained a little extra meat on my bones. I didn’t mind so much at this point as I found I didn’t need to wear belts on my jeans anymore. However, over the past few years I’ve noticed a few extra pounds make their way to my stomach and thighs and It’s been getting me down a little. So choosing an outfit when I’m forever doubting my figure is a difficult task. I change my outfit on average around 4 times before a night out. I can even buy an outfit for that specific night and I can guarantee 9 times out of 10 I won’t end up wearing it. It’s a nightmare! One thing that irritates me when shopping is trying a top on in my size for it to then be tight around my boobs or to show of those extra rolls you wanted covered, So, you end up buying a bigger size just so you can breathe! I also go hot and cold with new clothes all the time. I see it in the shop and LOVE it and then I’ll buy the item(s), bring it home and ugh it’s horrible. Why did I even buy it?

Tidiness… Firstly, this is only a little true. When it comes to being in another place such as work or another persons home then I am very clean and tidy but when it comes to being at home then yeah, I’m very messy. I will leave dirty pots in the sink, cups at the side of the sofa and clothes on the floor. I think I become a little too relaxed at home. However, when I decide to clean the house then I WILL CLEAN THE HOUSE. I do think though that my own home, when I get it, will be a lot more tidier though….My dad would probably disagree.

Planning… If I had kept to my plans I’ve made over the past few years, I’d now be living as a photographer in New York. but I’m not. That was the plan I made in college but as you can see I still live in my hometown working a part-time job whilst working on my photography career. I also tend to plan A LOT of shoots which never seem to work out. Sometimes planning can be tiring. I definitely need to work on my planning though and actually making things happen.

Body Confidence… Body Confidence is something many girl’s and boy’s suffer with. IMG_9869We all want to change something about our bodies. I have tried diets, healthy eating and going to the gym but I get so bored and give up after a few weeks. Personally, I dislike my body a lot. The only thing about it I like a little is probably my back and my lower legs. When I look in the mirror I see no shape at all, fat arms and muscular, broad shoulders. I refuse to wear strap tops as I’m so embarrassed at the size of my arms. It probably sounds quite funny and believe me, If I had someone saying that about themselves to me then I’d laugh too but I am being 100% serious! It disgusts me. I worked as a waitress for 6 years and carrying stacks of plates were a regular thing for me so I do believe that that has played a little part in the size of my arms. God Sake.

Self-Love… This is a tough one. If I had the body of Kylie Jenner, the face of Miranda Kerr and the personality of Holly Willoughby then I would BE IN LOVE WITH MYSELF! Unfortunately, I don’t. I believe Self-Love comes from a mixture of things such as being content with your job, Body Confidence, feeling loved and accepting your flaws. I’m still working a little on those. Maybe in a few years time It’ll be a completely different story.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 20.09.20


*Another little thing to add would be writing blog posts. Sometimes work gets on top of me and I’ll not leave myself enough time to write a post but I’m working on it. Bear with me. I aim to write a new post every few days…*

Sincerely, Sophie x