A few days ago I left my job as a Waitress and Barmaid after 6 whole years! I’d been there since I was 16 and It was my first official job. I made many friends in both my fellow colleges and customers and I learnt so much that has helped me with not only my everyday life but It has given me the confidence to pursue both my photography dreams and create my very own business. I will be forever grateful for the skills and confidence I learnt with that job. However, as with any other job, throughout the good times there were a few bad times. The comments you heard and the annoying little things people would do that would just irritate you to the core! Well if it has happened to you then It is likely to be in the post. So, If you have worked in the hospitality industry yourself then you have to read this!!!

“So are you at college?” “I don’t go to college, I just work here”…”Oh” Why do people always ask you this. Your having a nice little chat and then BAM! They have to ruin it with asking you the exact question you try to avoid asking yourself every day before work. Why do I just work here? What am I doing with my life!

Praying that there’s a spare plate of those delicious looking profiteroles at the end of your shift and developing pure hatred to the person who ends up eating them. Customer or Staff. So, you work your ass of all shift and you’ve been watching that plate of profiteroles just sitting there for the last hour or so. They are literally the only thing keeping you going and then somebody touches them!! OH THE ANGER! At my place the chefs used to eat them or put them back into the fridge. I spent quite a few shifts heartbroken.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.18.47

Suddenly giving A* service and a whopping smile to the big Tippers. Even if you were given a few pound, It made that whole shifts worth it. And to those who didn’t tip…SCREW YOU!

The dreaded Christmas shifts. You say and do anything possible to get out of working Christmas day…I’m travelling to India on that day, Sorry…My dogs dad died so I have to spend it with him unfortunately…I’m allergic to Turkey…

Customers who like to shout at you in front of the entire room. Ok your big and I’m small, I get it but please sit back down in your chair before I drop kick you. Eww he literally just spat in my face. What an absolute Nob!

The annoying children who run around you as your carrying heavy plates. Why are their parents just sitting back and watching? I’m not the flipping entertainment. You plaster on the ‘I will knock someone out in a minute’ smile.

Life Stories. Why oh why do people feel the need to share their entire life story with you. I don’t care about your daughter’s university degree or where you went last week, I’m here to take your order and hopefully stay awake whilst doing so.

Seeing a hot guy and wanting him to notice you. At my place it wasn’t everyday a hot guy walked through the door. Our customer base was old men so seeing Leyland’s answer to Mr Grey walk through the door was the most exciting thing ever. Then was the battle of the fittest between all the girls trying to get his attention. He was probably happily married with 2 kids but Hey! we have nothing better to do.

Polishing Cutlery. By far THE WORST JOB EVER! Tray’s and tray’s would come through the wash during one shift and it’d take you a good hour to get through It all. Mount Everest sprang to mind on a few occasions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.23.08

The awkward ‘No, we’re not ready to order yet’ line. Ok…I’ll just carefully back away…

Carrying stupidly heavy plates to a table and you get that one person who decides now is a good time to walk at a snails pace! MOVE! Or I will ram this plate so far up your ass you’ll be singing soprano!!

When you try to clear a customers plate from in front of him and he doesn’t move an inch. So you actually want my to graze your shoulder with my boobs. PERVERT!

The “Can I have your number” line from the drunk guy stood at the bar. Usually followed by some sleazy chat-up line. ‘Oh my god I must have you here and now. The whole cross eyed and bad beer breath thing you have going on is such a turn on for me right now’.

Look like your doing something…the boss is here!! I genuinely couldn’t care less if the queen had just walked in.

Never finding a pen. There’s a million pencils but not one pen in sight. What’s with that?!

The ‘Lets order more drinks and spend all night here’ table just before closing. No! I have no where better to be right now. I’m actually quite enjoying giving you daggers and tapping my pen on this pad.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.19.11

The Tea drinkers. Where I worked we offered them coffee after their meal which you’d have ready and waiting but you’d always get the “Could I have a tea?” people. Meaning you’d have to go and cause more work for yourself in making a pot of tea.

Sweets. Anyone who bought some form of sweets into work automatically became your best friend.

Hand Sanitiser. This is the greatest creation ever made! You become addicted to cleaning your hands.

Going home smelling of chips. Enough said

Cleaning down a Table/Room. Kill me. Kill me now.

Have you got anymore? If so, comment them below. Writing this out now I don’t miss that job one bit haha!

Sincerely, Sophie x