Yes! It’s my birthday soon. I’m going to be 23 in less that 3 weeks and I’m DREADING IT! I’m beginning to feel a little old and it’s really depressing me. I’m not a massive fan of birthdays as it is. I’d much prefer to forget about my birthday but with a big loving family, of course, that’s not possible. I haven’t always hated my birthday. I used to count down the weeks and days, plan my party’s months in advance and talk everyone’s ears off with what I wanted on my special day. However, since turning 21 I just haven’t been that bothered anymore. I think it’s the knowing that my next big birthday will be when I turn 30! And that’s just non-conversational right now!!!

But, with every Birthday you are always asked that one question, “What do you want for your birthday?”. My answer EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL is always “I don’t know? Nothing really”. I know this annoys the hell out of my parents because they haven’t a clue what to buy me. I’ll admit I’m quite a difficult person to buy for. I have particular taste and usually if I want anything I just go out and buy it myself. So, I thought I’d help them out by dedicating this post to making my Birthday Wish List. So, If any of you are stuck on what to get me…anything of this list will be greatly appreciated;



Firstly, a Michael Kors Handbag. I’ve wanted one of these for AGES! Every time I’m in Selfridges I will ponder over myfavourite handbag and then walk away all upset because I can’t ever afford one! So, my ideal bag would be the Selma large saffiano leather satchel priced at £330.00 on the Selfridges website. I know it’s a little expensive but this one is incase my parents happen to win the lottery within the next few weeks. Although, if that’s the case, then a ticket for an American road trip and a 1991 Nissan Figaro would also go down very well!


The new Paco Rabanne Fragrance, Olympea. You can find it at The Fragrance Shop for Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 22.51.21£62.00 for the biggest 80ml bottle PLUS a Free Tote bag. I am in love with the smell. It’s a very sweet and refreshing fragrance that I’m just totally addicted to! I spend most of my time in work spraying it on myself. A perk of the job! Seriously though, If you get the chance to go into town soon and you happen to walk past one of the many perfume shops out there then I’d definitely encourage you to go and test it out for yourself. I can guarantee you’ll love it!



Next, and again this idea is a little more expensive, But I’d love a pair of the Chanel Espadrilles! They are just beautiful and look way too comfy! They are very stylish and celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale and Michelle Keegan have been spotted wearing them whilst out and about. They are very casual looking and similar to Toms, just a little more expensive! They are priced at £576.25 on If I had a choice then I’d prefer the white flats with the black toes just like the ones Michelle is wearing. (Pictured). Maybe one day!



234-3003847-SP6071S_WHITE_MSomething I’ve wanted in a long time has got to be a Dress from Self Portrait! I came across one of their dresses on Instagram around 6 months ago now and instantly fell in love! Honestly, their collection is just amazing! The dresses are stunning and very sexy! I can imagine feeling a million dollars arriving at a party in one of their dresses! It’d certainly turn a few heads. My favourite’s right now from their collection would have to be the Peplum-hem lace skirt in black, priced at £150.00. It’s a Beautiful lace and a very girly finish. I also LOVE their Panelled embroidered-lace dress in white. It’s priced at £320.00 and right now it is exclusive to Selfridges. It’s quite a daring choice to wear in the day but if you’re a body confident person then it is a stunning choice for afternoon tea or a tour of the beautiful cities in Italy.


Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 22.49.32Another thing I would love would be a Voucher for Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been in love with the brand for years and years but I’ve never purchased a bra or underwear set from them. I’ve been tempted but I just can’t justify spending £40-£50 on 1 bra. As much as I love them, I am a Scrooge when it comes to spending money. However, if I was to receive a voucher for one of their stores then I wouldn’t feel as bad! I’ve bought a few things in the past but purchasing a bra has always been one thing I’ve always wanted to buy from the brand. My favourite from their collection right now is the NEW! Long Line Demi Bra in Black prices at £36.98. Their stuff is amazing and so beautiful. I just wish I had the money to go on a £400 underwear shopping spree but unfortunately I don’t at the moment. Sigh.


Next, I’d love a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens for my new Canon 6D Camera. downloadI currently have one prime lens for it at the moment and although it’s a brilliant lens, it can become a pain when trying to shoot weddings. I still have a couple of weddings to photograph this year so this lens would be a great help. My friend usually lets me borrow hers which I can’t thank her enough for, but, It’s always nice to own all your own equipment. At the moment you can buy the lens for £564.49 on Amazon. Again, I’m not expecting this, it’s definitely a ‘money towards’ purchase.


For my final idea, It would have to be just boring old Vouchers. Unlike many people, I actually LOVE receiving vouchers! Some people tend to think it looks like a last minute thought but honestly, I would happily receive a voucher over something I didn’t really want. I like to choose my own clothes, shoes and accessories so vouchers are one of my favourite things to receive! I’m not too fussed where they are for but my top choices would be as I said before Victoria’s SecretTopshopZaraAldoH&MForever 21 and New Look. You can’t go wrong with either of them!

Overall though, I love nothing more than spending time with my family and friends. So even if I had the choice of choosing between a meal with my favourite people or extravagant gifts then I would choose my favourite people over anything. I work very hard with not only my day job but with both my photography business and my other side projects too. A little time out with the people I love most is most definitely the best gift in the world!

Sincerely, Sophie x