So this weekend has been full of both work and travel. I’m actually living off Positivity and Adrenaline. But I wouldn’t change any of it because I’m doing something I love! Honestly, I’ve never been as happy and content as I have been in these past few weeks. Not only am I receiving lovely comments and seeing viewing figures increase everyday on the blog, but, I’m loving both my new job’s, as well as my Photography Career, which is getting better by the day.

To everyone who has helped shape me into the person I am today THANK YOU! Both the good and the bad, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you all!

To all the people who support and believe in me, in everything I do…I will do you all proud!

Soppy moment over. Today has been my first chance to sit back and reflect on such a busy, yet exciting weekend! I’m currently on the sofa, Friends on the TV, wrapped up in a fluffy throw with Laptop on knee. Perfect.

Saturday consisted of photographing the wedding of the lovely Mr and Mrs Lightfoot. Mark and Diane got married up in Windermere at Broadoaks Country House. A Luxury 16-bedroomed, Beautifully furnished, Traditional Country House. It truly was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to. The entire day was just Beautiful.

I will be writing a post on the wedding in the next few weeks which will include a Awesome Imageselection of photographs from the day
too. Then you will see just how amazing the entire day actually was.

But, taking you back to Friday, the day before, I was again up in the Lake District. This time I was up in Penrith at Brougham Hall. (Pronounced ‘Broom’ Hall…I think the taxi driver particularly enjoyed watching me struggle to pronounce
Brougham). I was there to visit one of my good friends’, Steff Curwen-Berry’s Photography exhibition and to see her designs that had been chosen for the official Brougham Photo-Literary Festival 2015.


She had taken part in a University Brief to design both the logo and branding for the Brougham Photo-Literary Festival 2015. Photographer Simon Whalley has chosen her final designs to be featured in the festival and after months of hard work and design the final products were created.


Steff did an amazing job and everything looked great! She’s such a professional in what she does and like me she wont rest until a task is complete. She kept me updated throughout the process and the finished product looked AWESOME!…SO PROUD OF YOU!!!


I think you’ll all agree she did a fabulous job!

Also, I think you’ll all agree that Brougham Hall is a beautiful place. A 14th Century near-derelict Castle, situated in Penrith, Cumbria. Around every corner we found a charming little piece of history. Despite the long train journey you will agree the views more than make up for it…


We ate scones with a few of the locals and fellow exhibitors. We talked Food, Surroundings and of course Photography!


We also found time for a few shots of ourselves…


So, despite my super busy weekend, I enjoyed every second of it!



Sincerely, Sophie.