As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, It’s my Birthday in 7 days time and I’m going to be 23. I’m a little nervous about growing another year older as it’s another year closer to 30 and that’s just depressing! Ok, So it’s 7 years off yet but still, 7 years creeps up on you fast! I can’t actually believe my 18th birthday was nearly 5 years ago now and that I left high school almost 7 years ago too! Growing old sucks! It reallyyy sucks!

So, I’ve decided now is as good a time as ever to create my ’30 things to do before I’m 30′ list. This can be anything from the easiest task to the most challenging wish. Here goes;

  1. The most obvious would have to be Get Married. I wouldn’t like to leave this until after I’m 30 because it’s always been a wish of mine to marry in my 20’s. This is something that worries me a little though as I have ‘THE PLAN’ of how many years I’d like to be dating my partner for (around 3 years) and of course the 2 year engagement which takes me to the age of 25, meaning I have 2 years to meet the man of my dreams. Fuck.
  2. Learn another language. Ideally, it would have to be Spanish or Italian. A place I’m likely to go to. In school I had no choice. It had to be German. It’s not that I don’t like the German language, It just wouldn’t have been my first choice…and I got an E (GCSE) in German at school. Says it all really doesn’t it?
  3. Try drinking Tea or Coffee. To the people who know me they will know how much tea and coffee disgusts me. The thought of even tasting it knocks me sick. I know I’m a little strange but surely a few of you are with me on this. Although I would like to overcome this ‘thing’ I have about drinking tea and coffee. So, before I hit 30 I will make it my mission to try a tea or coffee.
  4. Photograph a £1500 Wedding. As a Wedding Photographer you dream of making a living from your weddings alone. Ideally 15 £1500 weddings a year would give you a healthy sum of £21,000 to live off. This including any money I was to make off any extras such as portraits and commercial photography would make me very happy! Photographing a £1500 Wedding would mean selling my Platinum Package to a lovely couple who wanted all the trimmings.
  5. See a West End Play. I love musicals. I’ve always wanted to watch a West End Play, The Sound of Music or Jersey Boys would be something I’d love to see. I love getting goose-bumps when watching live performances.
  6. Live an Entire 24 hours without any Electronic Device. This is much harder than it sounds. This includes your phone, laptop, TV, radio etc. Honestly, Try it! I think I lasted 2 hours on my last attempt!photo-1423666639041-f56000c27a9a
  7. Fall in love with Someone from another Country. I’ve wanted to fall in love with someone from another country for as long as I can remember. A Sexy Spanish Lothario or an Italian Stallion. I have a thing for accents like most girl’s and Yes! I do imagine us both running around on the beach and being all cute. Aww!
  8. Move out. Of course I hope I’ve moved out by the time I’m 30 and I more than likely will have. I haven’t a clue where I’d like to live though?
  9. Buy my own home. Now this is a difficult one. In my lifetime I would love to own both a home in the UK and over in America somewhere and then split my time between the both. For buying a home before I’m 30, I wouldn’t mind it being either here or in America and then hopefully in my 30s I’ll be the proud owner of 2 homes. That’s the Dream!
  10. Lose a Stone in Weight. I’ve put on a few extra pounds throughout my late teens and early twenties but I’m determined to be a stone lighter than I am now.
  11. Flat Stomach. Washboard abs all the way!
  12. Get a Tattoo. I’ve been saying I want a tattoo for years and still haven’t got round to getting one. I’m not scared about getting one, I’m scared at the thought of it being stuck on my body for life. I want it to be meaningful and something classy but I just don’t know what? Lyrics, Symbols, Dragons…Ok, maybe not the last idea but you know what I mean. I don’t want to regret it in 5 years time. So any Ideas are most welcome!
  13. Route 66! A MAJOR Dream of mine is to travel Route 66. It’s possibly my longest standing dream I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to live part of this dream when I was around 11 years old as I went on the most amazing holiday with my family. We travelled to LA, San Fran and Vegas and it was on the route from San Fran to Vegas that we travelled part of Route 66. Despite me not taking it all in at that age and preferring to sit in the back seat reading my many magazines and snacking on junk food, I do hold it close to my heart. It was definitely the start of my Big American Road Trip Obsession.
  14. VEGAS!! The Gambling, the Booze and the Nightlife…Ahh Vegas!!
  15. Go to a Wedding as a Guest. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been to around 50 Weddings yet only been a guest at 2! And those were when I were a child! Every other wedding has involved me either serving the meal (When I worked as a Waitress) or being the Photographer. I want to wear a pretty dress, get drunk and Instagram the shit out of the cuteness of it all!! Wah!!
  16. Learn how to Drive. Watch this space.
  17. Go to V-Fest! This has to happen. Music, Booze and Flower Headbands…What could be better?
  18. Learn How to Contour. I want to master this Contouring shit and look friggin awesome!
  19. Be Successful in Blogging. For this Blog to have thousands of followers would be AMAZING! I hope one day I’m as big as Zoella, as cool as Jonathan Joly and as hot as Lauren Conrad!
  20. Have a Child. Having a child before I’m 30 is something I hope to happen. Ideally 29 would be great. Imagining myself with a child right now scares me so much. All that nappy changing and sick…No Thanks! Maybe in a few years time I’ll welcome that sort of life but for now my babies are my cats and my camera.
  21. Watch My Favourite Artists in Concert. Firstly, Bruno Mars. His talent is constant! When you think he’s released his best yet he hits you with something else. His moves are near enough on parr with The King himself! (RIP MJ). Also, Pitbull, Because Pitbull is Awesome Of Course! Kodaline, Ed Sheeran and Enrique Iglesias…Mainly because I’d be in with the chance of getting up on stage having him sing ‘Hero’ to me whilst kissing my neck 😀1
  22. Create a Travel Video. OMG these are so cute! I’ve watched so many online and they are just truly amazing! I’d make it all Artsy and Cool and Everyone will be jealous they weren’t part of it!
  23. Host a Dinner Party. I’ve always wanted to do something like this. We never did this at home as a kid and I’d always ask my mum why we didn’t but her answer was always “We will soon” although, I’m 100% positive she only told me this to shut me up. and it usually worked for about a week. I’d definitely have to cook my speciality, Sausage Caserole with Jam Roly Poly and Custard for Dessert…Frozen Of Course!
  24. Buy a Designer Handbag. Surprise Surprise, this girl likes Handbags!
  25. Try YOGA. I’ve always wanted to be one of those Spiritually, Calm and Collected looking women. Once I understand the whole concept of YOGA then I’d love to go to a few classes.
  26. Visit all the Romantic Cities the World has to Offer. Venice, Rome, Paris, Florence, NYC. There’s nothing better than spending your time Sight-Seeing whilst holding hands in one of the most beautiful Cities in the World. Just discovering the hidden treasures of the world with the one you love. Perfect.
  27. Photograph a Celebrity. To be honest, I really hope I have photographed quite a few by the time I’m 30. This is one area of my Career that I would love to take. I love the whole Showbiz Scene!
  28. Visit NYC at Christmas! This Speaks for Itself! Who wouldn’t? I’d totally feel like I’m in Home
  29. Meet Danny O’Donoghue. Yes the guy from The Script. I’ve had a bit of an Obsession with him for years. I’d crumble if I did though. He has a great personality, He’s hot and He’s Irish…Need I say more?
  30. Rock Someone’s World…Because who wouldn’t want to?

So, there you have my list of ’30 Things to do before I’m 30!’ Why not create one yourself? I’m going to print this off and ensure I tick of all of them by the time that dreaded age comes creeping up. 7 years start NOW!!!


Sincerely, Sophie.