Today I had a day off work so I rang up my Photography Partner in Crime, Steff, and put forward an idea she couldn’t refuse. It involved a £5 note and an open mind. I said to her that we should go and do a £5 Charity Shop Haul! Her answer was of course Yes! With the blog I’ve never wanted it to be a boring me, me, me page where all I do is talk about myself. I want it to be a place for my readers to spend a few minutes in my shoes and see the world from my eyes. I am a very caring and charitable person so you can expect more posts like this in the future too!


So, back to the haul. My nearest town is Chorley and there are quite a few Charity Shops around here so I was spoiled for choice! In the end we decided on ‘The Children’s Society’ Charity Shop on the main car park.



It’s a very bright and open shop when you walk in so you don’t feel claustrophobic rooting through what the place has to offer. Everything had it’s place too so looking for certain items was very straightforward and simple. What I also noticed is that the stock looked almost brand new. There was nothing un-sellable that I could see. They had a great selection of books, films and clothing.


After around 15 minutes looking round I found my first purchase. ‘Serendipity’ on DVD. I’ve never watched this film before but I’ve had so many people recommend it to me in the past and for £1.29 I couldn’t really argue.


With the help of Steff, I then found the Lady Gaga X book Created by Photographer Terry Richardson. I’m a big fan of both Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and as a photographer this is a great find! Personally, I think his work is so simple yet effective. He shoots what he sees both in front of him and in his mind. He’s had a lot of bad press in the past with his work but I love how he puts 2 fingers up to the media and carries on anyway. This was quite possibly my favourite purchase. £1.99

My final buy’s, were 2 Books from the 50 Shades collection. 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed. I had the full collection originally but lost the last 2 months back. I think I lent them to a friend a few years back but I can’t remember. I’m a big reader and I like to re-read my favourite books so finding these was great! You can never tire of Christian Grey! £1.99 for both books.


I’d just like to also say how lovely the staff and volunteers were at The Children’s Society, Chorley. When we explained what we were doing they were very encouraging and supportive. When we asked them if they had anything ‘Vintage looking’ they offered us a Wedding Dress to take a look at for a styled shoot. They were nothing but friendly and helpful.

The total of my purchase came to £5.27 which granted, is 27p over, but as it’s only little change that I didn’t mind paying extra. I ended up paying with £6.00 and I told them to keep the change, to which they were very grateful. I can’t put into words how nice it makes you feel knowing that you have helped towards a charity. Ok, maybe it’s not a lot of money but it goes a long way. I invite you to do the same one day. It’s actually quite a fun task and the feeling you get after it is awesome!


And as for my buys, One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure!

Sincerely, Sophie x