So, it’s Official! I am now a 23 year old Woman! (Currently sat here wiping away my tears)

I had a lovely day! I spent it at a Spa with my mum and boy did we have a great day. Massages, Facials and a dip in the Jacuzzi! I’ve never had a more relaxed day in all my life. I’ll be honest, when I turned up at Cleopatra’s Beauty Salon in Park Hall, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never been on a Spa day let alone ever had a professional massage before so I was unsure of what was to happen.


I had recently done some photography work for Cleopatra’s and their beauty salons in both Park Hall Resort and Eccleston. I was given a Spa day for two as a ‘Thank you’, so I decided to use the voucher and book the treatments for on my birthday as a lovely little treat for myself. I don’t usually do anything on my birthday and as I have stated before, I am not a major fan of my ‘Special Day’. But, I’ve had a tough few months and thought I deserved nothing but a relaxed few hours on my day of birth…that sounds a little weird…but you know what I mean. And what a great decision it was!

I decided to take my mum. I don’t spend as much time as I’d like with her so it was nice to be able to spend time alone with her and relax. Nothing better than a day with Mum! Anyway, like me, she had never been on a Spa day either so to experience it together was great!

When we arrived we were greeted at the Reception desk by Sharon, the owner of Cleopatra’s. I’d know Sharon from before and what I can say is that she is a lovely woman. She made me feel very welcome and important from the first day I’d met her and her bubbly personality instantly puts you at ease. Once in the Salon we were offered a drink (We opted for water in the end) and given a consultation form to fill in. This included some personal information, any allergies and what we were wanting out of the Spa day.

After this, we were taken to the therapy room where we were given a place to leave our bags as well as being told what to expect with the treatments we were about to be given. We were asked to remove out tops behind the screen and then told to climb onto the bed and get into position ready for the massage to begin. I decided to have the Swedish Massage, this included getting rid of the knots in my back as well as relieving both the stress and tension in my muscles. My mum chose the hot stone massage which she highly recommended. She has just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis so she said the hot stones really helped relieve the pain. We were then given a facial which I can only describe as the most relaxing thing in the world! I couldn’t tell you the names of the products that were used but whatever they were they worked a treat! My Skin felt Brand New!!


Once the treatments were finished we were then given fresh robes and towels to change into ready for the Sauna and Steamroom. Once in our Bikini/Costume, we were led to the pool and told we were welcome to use the facilities for as long as we wanted to. The facilities included full use of the Gym, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool. We decided to use the Sauna first to carry on through with our relaxed state of minds. I’ll admit though that I’m not one for sitting still for long periods of time doing nothing. I like to be doing something so I managed sitting 10 minutes in the Sauna. Then it was into the Pool where we both decided on completing 25 lengths on breaststroke before moving into the Jacuzzi. We spent a little longer than expected in the Jacuzzi…a full hour in fact! Our fingers resembled Prunes! But we had got talking to a few lads from Birmingham staying in the hotel on business and once the conversation turned to pubs, well we got a little carried away.

Once reality hit us and we realised that we had spent a silly amount of time sat in a heated pool, we decided on ending the day with a visit to the Steam Room. I enjoyed this a lot more than the Sauna for some reason. I’m guessing staring into the steam was a little more interesting for me but my mum absolutely loved it! She didn’t want to leave!


All I can say is that the entire day was completely relaxed and stress free. I’ve never felt that fresh in my entire life and I will definitely be doing this again in the near future. I’d always thought of myself as not much of a girly girl, as in being into the whole beauty scene, but, I was wrong! I’m a totally changed woman. I now want to book in my next facial and get my nails done next! The girls are all lovely and friendly and you feel relaxed and stress-free throughout. What I can say is that if you are undecided on what salon to use for your next manicure or even if you’re thinking of a Spa day with your own Mum, then i would definitely recommend booking in at Cleopatra’s!

When we got home It was my choice of tea being the birthday girl and all, So, I decided on Pulled Pork Barms and Chippy Chips! One of my favourites! And of course no birthday would be a birthday without a Cake!


After tea, I opened my cards and gifts from friends and family. I was spoilt with Gift Cards, Money, Perfume and Clothes!

I had a fabulous day and loved spending time with the family! Definitely one of my better Birthdays! A major THANK YOU to everyone who made it special!

Sincerely, Sophie x