As most of you may know, I took part in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk yesterday at Heaton Park, Manchester. The day was awesome!! Honestly, the Energy was just amazing! I think when you’re that passionate about something it shows and everyone there yesterday proved that. It was just fab!


I decided to take part in the walk along side my cousin Jade and my Dad after dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia first hand over the past year. As you may have heard, my Nana has been diagnosed with dementia and my Poppops is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. So, we decided to take part in the walk for them.


We didn’t know what to expect when we turned up at Heaton Park as we had never done anything like this before. All we knew was that it would consist of a 10km walk around the park.

Once we arrived at the start point of the walk, it was filled with thousands of people! All you could see was a sea of white T-shirts and the occasional cartoon balloon floating around. There was music blaring away and the smell of hotdogs slowly moving towards us. It looked amazing! To know everyone was here for that one cause sent shivers up my spine. I knew we were in for a great day!


We made our way into the middle of the crowd and surrounded ourselves with lively bodies dancing around to ‘I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more’ with the whole crowd erupting to the der der der der bit. It felt amazing! Then we were given a Zumba demonstration for the warm up before the walk was due to start. At 11am we made our way to the start line. We were told that there would be a camera crew filming us for the TV advert for the next memory walk for next year, as we were all taking part in the biggest ever Alzheimer’s Memory walk with over 5000 people! WOOHOO!


Once the klaxon sounded, we steadily walked our way beneath the start line towards the set path. With thousands of other people this took its time but once we made our way through there was no stopping any of us.


We made our way past a massive lake filled with ducks, IMG_0610-2too many trees to count and several stewards guiding our way through the walk. Then we came to an Ice-Cream van and well…we just couldn’t resist. After all, we had definitely earned it! I decided on a ScrewBall…for old times sake. I haven’t had one in years!

We also passed a field filled with horses and some other animals (Pictured left) which I didn’t have a clue what they were but his hair was super cool! He certainly attracted a crowd but seemed to love the attention.


After around an hour and a half we neared the Finish Line and I have to admit, it was an emotional last few minutes! With the last of the stewards and members of the crowd cheering us all on WE DID IT! We made the finishing line! IT FELT AWESOME!!


We received a medal at the end of the finishing line and a ‘Well Done’ from a few people dotted around. Everyone was

IMG_0619-2 so supportive and encouraging and it made me realise that we are all in this together. Yes, we are going through an incredibly tough time right now as a family but to see all those other people there for the same cause, it just makes you realise that you are not the only family suffering. I spoke to people who had lost their parents due to the illness or a friend and I saw some lovely photos attached to T-shirts of Victims of this terrible disease. It just makes you realise that you’re not alone!





After the walk had finished, we decided to go and visit my Nana in the home she’s currently staying in. We showed her our medals and although she didn’t know what they were or how we’d earned them, It was lovely to be able to sit next to her and just tell her anyway. I knew if she was how she used to be that she’d have asked question after question about it. She was always supportive in whatever we chose to do.

I’d just also like to Thank everyone who took time to donate and sponsor us. We all appreciate it so much, THANK YOU!

I think we will definitely be taking part in the Memory Walk again next year, only this time we will hopefully all do it as a family and maybe even think of a few fundraising ideas!


In the meantime though, go and take a look at the amazing work the Alzheimer’s Society already does as well as learn more about the disease here!345

Sincerely, Sophie x