Hello & Welcome back to Sincerely Sophie!

Before I start, I just want to apologise for being away for so long and not posting any updates. Unfortunately, my Poppops died last Thursday (1st October) after a long battle of health issues. I won’t go into it all too much but I was lucky enough to be there for his final few moments. It was the most upsetting and heartbreaking thing I have ever had to go through but I was so glad I was able to be there for him in his final few days. I just needed some time off to be with my family and come to terms with what happened as well as taking the time to recharge my batteries before starting again. So, Thank You so much for allowing me the time and space to do that. And Thank you for all your lovely messages, comments and well wishes. It’s been the hardest week of my life but I know he would want me to continue with what I love doing and so here I am, doing what I love to do! And so I’ve decided to write about something that makes me happy…Autumn!!


Yes! It’s my most favourite season of all! The brown leaves, the wind in the trees and the cold breeze (That wasn’t
intended to rhyme) are just a few things that I love about this season. And here’s a few more…

Candles. There’s nothing more cosy that a house filled with candles. They’re IMG_1154cute and give off a wonderful homely feel as well as a beautiful smell. I love nothing more than lighting the candles, putting on a warm jumper and sipping on a glass of Chardonnay whilst watching a cheesy Rom-Com on the TV. Pure Bliss.

Reading a book. For some reason I only tend to read books around autumn-winter. I guess it’s the cosy feel that gets me in the mood for a good book. My favourite books tend to be romantic fiction. Seriously, I’m such a sop when it comes to romance. I believe in the whole fairytale thing. I also like crime novels too. I haven’t decided on what book I’ll be buying this year for my ‘Autumn read’ but a trip to Waterstones should do the trick

Digging out my Winter Coat. I’m so happy the Summer season is over and we don’t have to look at everyone’s holiday photos and their perfect beach bodies. I might sound a little bitter when I say this but having not been on holiday for 5 years now I think I’m allowed to be. Just a little bit. But Autumn is all about layering up and pulling on your winter boots. Luckily, I have enough winter coats to last me a good few years yet so I don’t need to invest a fortune on another one. Maybe I’ll spend the money I’ve saved on a new dress and shoes or maybe a new handbag?!

The New York Dream. Every single year around this time I dream of being part of the magic in New York City. I say every year that next year I will be there. I’ll go Christmas Shopping at Macy’s, take a winter walk through Central Park and just to be a part of the hustle and bustle that the magic of NYC has to offer. One year my dream will come true and I’ll be living it up like Carrie Bradshaw, but, until that time comes I will work my ass of to be able to afford the New York Dream.


I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! (This and Strictly Come Dancing are literally the only reality shows I’ll watch) I love everything about it. The celebrities, the trials and Ant & Dec! Honestly, Autumn would be totally wrong without it. My favourite ever contestants would have to be Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Peter Andre, Joe Swash, Jimmy Bullard, Karl Fogarty, Jake Quickenden and Gino D’acampo. My favourite series changes every year though. I get a little too giddy when the first advert comes on TV. My ideal contestants for this years series would be Jared Leto for his ‘I couldn’t give a sh*t’ attitude, Kylie Jenner as I know it would be her worst nightmare and David Beckham for the eye candy.

The Lead up to Christmas. This is by far my favourite part of Autumn. I love how busy the shops get, the excitement on children’s faces and the prettiness of it all. The glitter, the sparkle and the twinkly lights. It’s all just magical! Plus it’s the only time of the year that partying and drinking is truly acceptable. Bring on the Prosecco!!!

Being outdoors. I’m not going to lie, I hate being cold but once you’re wrapped up in a big coat, woolly hat and scarf you tend to forget about how cold it actually is. But how beautiful does it look outside? The brown leaves floating down from the trees, the pretty dew drop grass and the clean fresh air. Just Perfect.



Cat Cuddles. They tend to become more clingy at Winter and enjoy curling up on your knee. It’s sweet really.

Bye Bye Bees. I HATE wasps and bees. Honestly, I think they wake up one morning and just think to themselves ‘Now who’s day can I ruin today?’. They seem to just fly at you without a care in the world. I’ve noticed that wearing perfume attracts them and with me working in a perfume shop, I usually encounter at least one bee during the day. And yes, I do that silly wave my arms in the air, yes, look at me I’m a mentalist dance when they’re near me. Comical.

Christmas Music & Films. Because it’s now acceptable to watch them and listen to them in all their glory. I’ll let you into a secret. I’m a massive film geek and sometimes I will watch Christmas films in March and not think anything of it until I get asked “Why are you watching a christmas film you freak?!…” and then I realise it is a little weird. But now I can slowly ease the Christmas songs into the Smith household. Yay!

Happiness. Do you agree with me when I say everyone seems happy in Autumn? I think it’s all the prettiness and excitement.

What about you? Is Autumn your Favourite Season too or Do you prefer another Season? Either way, let me know. Leave me a message with your Favourite Season and Why?

Happy Autumn Everyone!!!

Sincerely, Sophie X