I have a Brand New Love in my life! My New Wood Watch! This is, by far, my most favourite accessory I own! And it’s made from Wood! WOOD! How Cool is that!

I think you’ll agree with just how awesome it actually is! And it literally works with any outfit. Dressed up or Dressed down, it is the perfect accessory for Autumn!


I don’t usually wear watches. I tend to rely on my phone when looking at the time but I’m sure many girls will agree with me when I say how irritating it can be spending your time digging around inside your handbag (and mines pretty big) to find your phone, which is usually tucked away in the corner, underneath your purse and the hundreds of receipts that you had promised yourself you’d sort through last week! So Stressful.


And who are the team behind this beautiful Watch I hear you say? Well that would be JORD! JORD is based in America and is run by a group of Artists, Designers, Marketers, and Minders. They pride themselves on creating the most unusual timepieces for use in everyday life. Each Watch is bespoke and specifically created with you in mind. When ordering your watch, You are given the option of having the watch sized for you before shipping for an extra $10 (Which works out at £6.52). This is to avoid you having to go out and get it resized at the local Jeweler. Instructions are given on their website. I don’t know about you, but, I haven’t a clue what my wrist size is and there’s nothing worse than ordering something online, whether it be jewelry or some form of clothing, and getting the wrong size. That’s what put me at ease with JORD, knowing that the Watch was to fit me perfectly. And it really does. in fact, I felt a little like Cinderella!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 21.07.03

My watch is the Zebrawood & Maple from the Fieldcrest Series which is priced at $120 (£78.30). I chose this particular watch because of how simple and beautifully designed it is. The cut and finish are made to perfection. You can see all the love and effort that has gone into creating this stunning timepiece.


I decided to show off my watch when out on my latest shoot, which was Autumn themed and it looked awesome! It complimented the photographs beautifully. Many people have commented on how Unique the watch is. That’s what I love about it. It’s one of a kind! And I’m the only person I know that has one…at the moment.


Being someone who is usually late for practically everything in life, I couldn’t have picked a better accessory. I no longer have an excuse!

1-2 copyI’d like to say a massive Thank You the people over at JORD! I absolutely love my new Wood Watch! Thank you for adding a little allurement to my wardrobe!


And for anyone wanting a new Watch for either themselves or as a gift idea then I’d highly recommend buying a Wood Watch from JORD! For just their Service and Free-Delivery alone, It’ll put a smile on anyone’s face!

Sincerely, Sophie x