I hope that everyone has had a lovely Weekend and you’re all enjoying a Chilled Sunday before a Brand New Week starts? I have a Pretty busy week ahead at both the Studio and the Fragrance Shop as well as a Wedding to shoot next Saturday, plus, Stacks of editing and some revision. Such Fun!

I’ve decided to start doing some regular blog posts every week. My head is still buzzing with thoughts and ideas on what I could do. I want this blog to be a fun, exciting and encouraging place that my readers to enjoy. I also want to start including some regular features with local entrepreneurs and little businesses I might find on the internet. So I will keep you all updated with that. But, my First Regular Feature will be ‘This Week’s Top 10 Treasure Troves’. This will be my Top 10 Favourite Finds in that week on both the Internet and in Everyday Life. This can include Stories, Theories, Beauty, Fashion, Music and TV. Hopefully, you might also learn something new too! So let’s kick-start my First Post in this New and Exciting Blog Series…

If you’re looking for 5 star luxury hotels for your Next Holiday or Weekend away then I suggest you sign up to m2.verychic.com. It’s a website dedicated to finding you the very best prices on many 5 star hotels with beautiful rooms and breathtaking views. Many are priced for under £100 a night! They feature hotels in some of the most amazing places around the world, Including, London, Italy, France and Spain. It’s also free to sign up! I’ll definitely be using this website for my next trip away. Go and take a look for yourself!

Did anyone see the story of Kylie Jenner using the Artis Oval Make-up Brush to apply moisturizer to a friendsimage face? Before reading the entire story, I thought she was using an old hairbrush to apply foundation as a sort of joke. I honestly thought she was making fun of herself for wearing layers of make-up. But after reading the story through I learnt that the brush is, in fact, something she uses on her own face. She says that her flawless appearance is probably due, in part, to using this brush, which she apparently uses every morning as part of her daily routine. Despite it looking a little harsh on the face she insists that ‘It feels amazing’. Priced at $72 (which is around £47) is better had be! I’m guessing many Makeup artists and Beauty Bloggers will be snapping it up! After all, it’s now ‘Kylie Jenner Approved!’. I’m Definitely interested!


What about Jamie Dornan on Celebrity Gogglebox?!!! Oh that man is just Perfection. How had he gone unknown for so long. Before he earned the role as ‘Christian Grey’ I had watched him play Paul Spector in BBC psychological thriller The Fall. I instantly fell in love. He is just beautiful! But, watching him on Gogglebox just showed us all how down to earth he actually is. Sitting there with his friend Nick Frost (Who I actually saw today whilst he was doing his book signing at Waterstones, Deansgate) eating pizza, drinking beer and talking about Peter Andre’s hair was awesome! I think we tend to forget that celebrities ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE! Theygogglebox_jamie_3467268b breathe, eat and fart just like the rest of us! Throughout the entire hour I kept saying over and over “I can’t believe Jamie Dornan is on Gogglebox!”. My dad just sat there trying his best to ignore me until I said “But Dad seriously, as if Christian Grey is just sat there on Gogglebox, watching Peter Andre on Strictly!!” to which he replied “What? He plays Christian grey?” Well Yes Dad, How did you not know that? Clearly he slept through the entire ’50 Shades’ phase! It’s nice to know that all the fame hasn’t gone to his head though and that he still sits at home watching Strictly on TV…

Have you listened to the new ‘Love Me Like You’ Music Video by Little Mix? It’s so addictive! I’ve literally listened to it on repeat. We’ve all had that one guy/girl we’ve put on the pedestal, right?! I am a fan of Little Mix and not ashamed to admit it. They’ve come so far since The X Factor and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon. They’re my age too so I can relate to them and their music. I follow them on instagram and they’re mental. I just think their music is very uptempo and catchy. It you haven’t already heard it then go and take a listen!


I came across this post on Cosmopolitan yesterday. Things My Dick Does. It’s so funny! Basically, a Tumblr account named thingsmydickdoes posts regular updates of his penis in all sorts of funny situations…Getting Drunk, Hangovers, Dressing up on Halloween and even wearing an Eggshell on it’s head. Honestly, the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Internet in a while. It’s not as bad as you’d think and It’s actually quite creative.. You forget that It’s someone’s Penis! If things like this don’t offend you then I’d definitely go and take a look!


This next story I found is actually quite an upsetting one. It was the ‘This is what It’s like when your Makeup-free Selfie becomes a Cruel Meme’ post that I also read on Cosmopolitan. A girl named Ashley VanPevenage took to Instagram earlier this year to post a before and after make up shot of herself. In the before shot she was Makeup-free and then in the after shot next to it she had a face full of makeup. Just your typical before and after shot. Yes, she did have a visible skin problem in the before photo, due to an allergic reaction she says, but, the shot was intended to show just how effective makeup can be in completely transforming your face. And her made up face was done beautifully. However, she did not expect to receive the harsh comments that followed. A few days after sharing the photo, her photo was shared around the world by online trolls and bullies who clearly had nothing better to do other than hurt a stranger’s feelings. People began leaving negative and nasty comments as well as using all sorts of horrible hashtags. I won’t carry on and waste anymore of my writing space on these idiotic and uneducated people anymore, but, what I will say is this…EVERY girl experiences spots, allergic reactions and blotchiness to their faces at some point in their lives. What Ashley did was extremely brave. She wanted everyone to see just how effective makeup can be and as every girl will tell you, MAKE UP WORKS WONDERS! Many girls wear it for confidence and security, many wear it to cover up problems with the skin and others just because they feel they have to. No one should have to do anything they don’t want to do. No one should have to experience the nasty and hurtful comments that Ashley received. And no one should ever have to feel ashamed! So guys, If you’re reading this and you’re expecting to roll over in the morning and see Kendall Jenner staring back at you, then please jump out of your arseholes and embrace the beautiful, everyday woman. BecauseYou’re no where near perfect yourselves!


Has anyone been watching Doctor Foster? It’s amazing! Suranne Jones plays a Woman Scorned PERFECTLY! It’s actually pretty scary the lengths a woman would go to in order to see justice done. But the plot of the show and the writing was brilliant! I think a few people will think twice before getting into affair’s now. The choice of characters were well picked too. The CV of Suranne Jones just keeps getting better and better. She’s certainly come a long way since playing Karen in Coronation Street! Throughout the entire series we were left on the edge of our seats. Will she? Won’t she? What’s she going to do next? It’s definitely one of my favourite shows from 2015!


Leading on from Doctor Foster, in the first episode which aired a few weeks back, she drove away from her husband’s 40th Party listening to Face to Face by Gary Barlow and Elton John on the radio. I’d never heard the song before and actually thought it was a new Take That single. But, as I’ve learnt, It’s actually nearly 2 years old now (Released: 20th January 2014). It was also recorded at Abbey Road Studios and a mug stating that can be seen in the music video. I can’t believe It’s taken me till now to have heard of it though. Just like Little Mix, I’ve had this song on repeat too. It’s a very uplifting and powerful tune. Plus It’s Gary Barlow! And anything he touches is amazing! If you haven’t listened to it already then do it now!


My New JORD Wood Watch. Did you see my post I put up last night featuring my New JORD Wood Watch? If you did, I think you’ll agree with how beautiful it is! I’m in love with it! Dressed up or Dressed down, it’s the perfect accessory! My watch is the Zebrawood & Maple from the Fieldcrest Series which is priced at $120 (£78.30). I chose this particular watch because of how simple and beautifully designed it is. The cut and finish are made to perfection. The love is evident when creating this stunning timepiece. Being someone who is usually late for practically everything in life, this should help me change that a little. I no longer have an excuse! Also, it’s very Autumn, Don’t you agree? You can take a look at their beautiful and unique collection online here!


Tanya Burr. I know I know, I’m a little late with this one. Don’t worry, I haven’t been hiding under a rock. I know who Tanya Burr is and I’ve known about her for a few months now. But, this week I’ve taken more of an interest in her. I decided to take a look at her Blog (Which is AWESOME by the way) for some inspiration and fell in love. She’s such a lovely person and it’s evident in her posts. For those of you that don’t know of her, she is a fellow blogger (Just a little more popular than me…) who writes about beauty, cooking and life. She has a really cute style and her pictures really capture the atmosphere she was trying to create. I’ve spent the past few days looking around the shops for her book, Love, Tanya and so far have failed. It looks like It’ll be a purchase from Amazon! She’s just so girly! She has definitely just made her way into my Top 10 Blogger list!image

So, there you have it. This Week’s Top 10 Treasure Troves! If you wanted to check out any of the above then click on the links. Other than that, Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and Keep a look out this time next week for another of my Week’s Top 10 Treasure Troves!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Sincerely, Sophie x