Hello! Firstly, Can I just apologise for being silent this past week! It’s been a busy one, I can promise you all that! I currently have 2 different jobs as well as run my own photography business, my photobooth business, a new up and coming wedding photography business as well as this blog. I’m a slight workaholic haha! So this week has consisted of photography, travelling, selling and more photography!

Yesterday was the only day I had to myself and I decided to take a random trip to Liverpool with my fellow photography partner and friend Steff and meet up with another friend, Candy. We visited the Rankin Gallery (Yes! The real Rankin!!!), had lunch at Central Perk and ate a little Pizza. It was an awesome day and just what I needed! When I got home I decided on a Chinese, a Film (The Ugly Truth) and an early night. Bliss. Then, Today I’ve been photographing the wedding of Sarah and Daniel at The Pines Hotel in Chorley. It’s been a lovely day!

So, you can understand why I haven’t had time to post onto the blog this week but I promise as of Monday I will be back on track and blogging you my life story! I promise. I’ll shut up now and carry on with today’s post. This Week’s Top 10 Treasure Troves!…

I have to begin with my BEST FIND from this week…Central Perk in Liverpool! Yes, THE Central Perk from Friends! Ok..so maybe not the exact Central Perk but it was still just as awesome! A great take on the world-famous cafe! It did feel a little like stepping onto the set of Friends. I was half expecting Rachel to be stood serving behind the till and Phoebe to be playing smelly cat on her guitar in the corner! It was just so cool! The Victoria Sponge cake I got was amazing! Honestly one of the best cakes I’ve ever had! I’d definitely recommend not only the cake, but taking a visit to the cafe too. It’s perfect for any die-hard friends fan. I certainly loved it! If you did decided to go and take a visit then it is situated on Bond Street in Liverpool, right near the city centre. I also managed to snap a few photos too! See the Cafe here!


This next one is probably a little random, but, here we go…Dissolvable Paracetamol! Honestly, this stuff is amazing! I’ve suffered with migraines ever since I was a little girl and they hurt so much! I tend to get then due to tiredness, stress Solpadeine-Headache-Soluble-Tablets-10206or too much concentration. I know when I start a new job that I will spend my first day coming home with the worst headache ever! It always happens. I can never do anything and it sucks! I just have to lie in a dark room and try to sleep it off. BUT! My sister came home a few weeks ago and said she had had a headache the night prior and that her boyfriend had told her to take Dissolvable paracetamol in water, which she did, and she said how much it had helped and despite not wanting to admit it, he was right! So I tried it last Sunday after my first shift back at the studio and it worked!! Within 2 hours my head felt so much better! It hadn’t gone completely but it was bearable and I could carry on doing what I wanted to do! I will definitely be using this stuff again. I even carry it around in my handbag now too! And for £2.65 from Tesco’s, it’s a bargain! Buy it here!

Next, it has to be the whole Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift thing. Basically, reports suggested that they had split. But,1431708351_taylor-swift-calvin-harris-article Calvin shut the rumours up in the best way possible. He took to Twitter and wrote “It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these bullshit stories bye bye”…what an awesome response! And I don’t blame him. He and Taylor must hear so many stories on a daily basis that both hurts and upsets them. To be finding your feet in a new relationship can be hard enough but to add lies and bitterness must be almost unbearable. And I know, they’re famous, they signed up to this. But, they are human and people tend to forget that! They have feelings and emotions just like the rest of us! So that response from Calvin was well deserved! I hope they do last, they are so cute! I’d have never put them together before but then they do say opposites attract. And they are certainly one of the hottest couple’s right now!

Leading on from the showbiz story, here’s another one. Adam Levine meeting the little girl who cried when hearing he had got married. So cute! Did you watch the video? (If not, you can watch the video here…..) After seeing this video, along with Ellen DeGeneres, he set out to surprise the little girl on her show. And when she met him what did she do?…she hid away! Bless her! She looked so overwhelmed at seeing him that she held on to her mum throughout the entire time! Adam tried his best at opening his arms for a cuddle and even gave her a rose but she wasn’t having any of it. I’m sure she’ll look back on that one day and kick herself for not giving him a massive kiss on the cheek! You can watch the video here!


Something I have been hooked on ALL WEEK is Terry’s Chocolate Orange bars. Firstly, I know that chocolate is bad for you and that I shouldn’t eat so much but can I just say I’m not a chocolate lover in general. I’ll have the odd Galaxy bar or a pack of Maltesers every now and then but I’m not a massive fan of chocolate…until now that is. All week I’ve been eating bars and bars of Terry’s chocolate. I feel sick at the thought of how much of it I’ve actually eaten! I keep telling myself I’m making up for never eating it but I think it’s past that now. What I will say is that if you are ever in the petrol station and you can’t decide what you want, then pick up a Terry’s Chocolate Orange…Your Welcome!

This one is probably my FAVOURITE! The Walking Dead is back!! Yay! I’m so so happy and excited about this. I love this program so much. It’s amazing. I’m a bit of a zombie fan in a sense that I dream of an apocalypse happening! No, I’m not lying! I even know where I’d go, what I’d pack and how I’d kill if it came to it. But, I’m loving the walking dead. You’d think that as it’s onto its 6th series it’d be getting boring now but it’s really not. The writers are always coming up with exciting new storylines and the costume and set designers and the make-up artists are incredible. Even the extras playing the ‘walkers’ are awesome. It totally transforms you into another life for that hour episode and you can’t help but get involved. I still can’t believe the actor Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is Robert Bridge from Afterlife! Does anyone remember Afterlife? With Lesley Sharp? It was so good! He has a great American accent though, totally believable. And he looks hot with a beard!


LANOUE_97_RG_324My New Handbag is another great find of mine this week. I’ve been needing a new bag for a few months now but I can never be bothered looking online for one and I rarely go into Manchester to shop so I usually have two options in town where I live. And that’s a little New Look and Dorothy Perkins. But I absolutely LOVE Aldo for Handbags. I’ve lost count on how many bags I’ve actually bought from them but their quality and prices and great! My latest purchase is this black tassel crossover bag. I got it in the sale for £17.99 and I’m awaiting its delivery. I just know its going to go with anything PLUS now I have to clean out my bag and reduce it’s contents. I’m so excited though! I love a new bag! Take a closer look here!

hmprodI also bought some New Boots yesterday whilst in Liverpool. I (Stupidly) decided it was a good idea to wear heeled boots to walk around Liverpool in (Girl Logic) and what do you know, 2 hours in and I could hardly walk. My feet were in crippling pain and I could feel blisters developing. I decided I’d buy a pair of dolly shoes as I’d wear them again, but, I walked into H&M and within seconds came across these boots! (£29.99) I love them! I took off my boots, tried these other boots on and let out a sigh of relief. Girls, you will know that feeling. They just felt like I was walking on air. It felt amazing! They have fur inside the boot so my feet were extra warm and the laces made them feel secure. AND THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING!!! Look!!

Yesterday morning, I spent a good hour and a half watching Videos on YouTube about fans meeting their Celebrity Heroes. I love watching stuff like this. I was watching a lot of the Ellen DeGeneres clips where she’d arrange surprises for fans and they are so funny to watch. If you’re after something uplifting to watch that’ll put a smile on your face, then I’d encourage you to watch some stuff like this on YouTube. Go on, take a look!


My final Treasure Trove for this week has got to be the new Marc Jacobs fragrance Decadence. Have you smelt it? It’s gorgeous! I’ve been selling it in the shop for a good few weeks now but only recently, I’ve realised how much I actually like it. It’ll be one of my next fragrance purchases for sure. If you haven’t already tested this perfume then get yourself down to your nearest fragrance shop and spray some on yourself! Apologies for the price it’s going to cost you though. You’ve been warned! 

So, there you have my Top 10 Treasure Troves for this week. If any of the above sounds good and you’d like to know more than I’d encourage you to click on the links available. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the week ahead and keep a look out for more posts I’ll be publishing this week!

Sincerely, Sophie x