It’s almost impossible these days to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed and not come across a Selfie. Everybody seems to be doing it. A new dress…Selfie. A trip to the park…Selfie. Even lying in bed…Selfie. And I’m not saying I don’t do the same because I do. Like most people I tend to take them to feel good about myself if I’m having a down day or if I’ve dressed up for a change and decide to share my look with all my friends.

I do think though that ‘Selfies’ have become a bit of an addiction for most people. I come across people online who constantly post Selfies. Some even make a living from it! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at a good Selfie but sometimes the story behind the photo isn’t always as glamorous as people like to make out. 

Yesterday, I read a story online about how 20-year-old Lexi Harvey has come clean to her Instagram followers and captioned her photos with exactly how she gets that ‘Perfect’ Selfie. She shares her secrets on how she creates the perfect looking Selfies despite giving off a false image. She admits to staging her Selfies and talks about how instagram gives off a false representation to its users. I strongly agree with this!

For example, there’s a girl I know of who lives in my area and she is quite popular on Instagram. She regularly posts Selfies of herself on nights out and trips with friends and I’m not going to sit here and say she isn’t pretty because she is! She has an enviable body and great style. She definitely has an eye for perfecting the perfect Selfie, but, I saw her in person once, by the way I don’t personally know her but we do have mutual friends. And I have to say, she didn’t look how she looked on her Instagram Selfies. Her skin wasn’t as flawless as it was made to look on her photos and she acted completely different to what I expected too. I’ll be honest, I was quite shocked at seeing the change from her in her Selfies to seeing her in real life with my own eyes. I then realised people can look completely different to what they make out.

Working in a photography studio I get to see the transformation from the women standing in front of me to the women seen on the viewing screen after their shoots and they look completely different! Most women love the transformation. Their skin has been airbrushed, their bodies slimmed down and wrinkles and marks removed. Women leave the studio feeling confident and sexy and I love being a part of creating those feelings. I know this kinda defeats the entire message of the post but what I’m trying to say is that you expect it from makeover studios. You expect to leave looking and feeling a completely different person to what you were when you walked in. But, I’ve seen both before and after and I can tell you, PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST! Nobody is perfect!

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you 10 of my favourite selfies from my collection and the stories behind it. Plus, a few tips I’ve learnt along the way!

My first Selfie I’m going to share with you is my current profile picture. This was 12112013_10207658630565191_9220936681047358720_ntaken in front of my living room window using natural light, my first tip for taking selfies. I also like to take selfies slightly over-exposed so that you don’t have to do much editing. My tip for slightly over-exposed photos is, using an iPhone, I cover the lens with my finger, get myself ready in my pose and then take my finger of the lens. I leave it a second and then I’ll take a photo just as the lighting is returning to normal. I just find it a little more flattering. This was probably my 30th attempt and my 10th different pose.




This Selfie was taken on my sisters 21st Birthday at The Birdcage in Manchester. I know it’s a little grainy but I love my make-up and nail colour on this. I wish I could remember the lip gloss I was wearing because I love it. I don’t tend to wear a lot of lipgloss/lipstick as they dry my lips out but I like to make an exception on a night out. I was also quite drunk on this selfie. I remember waking up the morning after looking at my snapchat story and just cringing at the videos and photos I’d added to my story. Singing and dancing…badly might I add. We’ve all been there.



This Selfie was actually taken when I was sat on the toilet seat. I was on a night out and I was taking a few minutes out in the loo as you do. I was sat on the toilet seat adjusting my hair and make-up and decided it was the perfect place to take a few snaps. The lighting was great too! I quite like how my hair falls on this photo too. Hair envy is a daily thing for me. I HATE my hair being flat and I struggle creating that ‘bouncy’ look. Where’s John Frieda when you need him?




I took this selfie in my bedroom on the 1st May this year as it was Dementia Awareness Day. You had to pose for a selfie wearing red lipstick with the hashtag #DementiaAwareness in remembrance of our loved ones and other sufferers who lived through the glamorous era and have now sadly succumbed to this dreadful disease. You can find them on Facebook here so you can do the same next year! This selfie has been edited quite a bit if you can’t already tell and my hair was slightly wild having just taking it out of a bobble and smoothed it over with a comb, but, it was nice to wear a bright colour on my lips…even if it was for just 10 minutes!


This selfie is one of my favourites, mainly for my fellow selfie partner! If you don’t already know who this guy is, it’s Mike Parr a.k.a Ross Barton from Emmerdale. I’ve met him a few times now but this is when I met him at a nightclub in 11701160_10206999605849985_7589187418962873340_nPreston. Now, I don’t like my arms, they’re one of my many insecurities, but getting ready before going out I decided to wear a short-sleeved black top (bad choice) and white skirt. The outfit was cute but it showed off my slightly muscular, overweight arms and over-toned legs…another insecurity of mine. Anyway, walking towards him, I already felt a little self-conscious being surrounded by incredibly toned and pretty women but as I reached him his first comment was “Oh wow, look at you two with your muscular arms”. What?! The one thing I hoped he hadn’t noticed! And what did I reply? “MUSCULAR!!! THEY’RE FAT!!!” I don’t think he knew what to say to that. He just looked a little awkward and starting repeating “No you’re not! I meant it in a nice way!” but I was mortified. I snapped back “Right, lets just take a selfie” and he shot back “Oh right, so you’re telling me what to do now!”, but I just looked at him and we both just smiled at each other. Who couldn’t resist that smile! In the end, we chatted a little and I let the muscular arm comment lie.



This next selfie was taken at a my friend Lucy’s apartment just before a night out. I was going through a ‘Health Kick’ so I was on Vodka Cranberry and Vodka Orange all night. We were waiting for our taxi to arrive and taking a few photos whilst still sober enough. I’m in love with my hair on this photo, so much so, I decided it needed to be mirrored! I left my arms off on this photo on purpose and positioned myself to look a little skinnier. I had recently had my hair done too so this angle showed of my hair perfectly.


11379056_1442405702754857_304763579_nThis selfie was a good hair, makeup and eyebrow day. It was actually a day where I felt happy and confident with my appearance. I’d seen a girl a few days earlier with a plait across the front of her hairline and beautiful, wavy, beach looking hair. I decided I’d try it out and it worked. The few days after that I tried to perfect the hairstyle again didn’t seem to happen. Boo! This was taken in front of my bedroom window using my lighting trick again. This again took quite a few attempts to master. I also get very self-conscious with my face markings (Freckles, Spots, Lumps and Bumps), so I like to use editing apps to completely airbrush them out. This is why my skin usually looks smooth and spot free.



When I take selfies, you will notice that I don’t regularly post full-bodied selfies. For the simple reason, I find that I spend more time criticizing myself than actually taking the photo. Until I’m a size 8 I don’t think I’ll ever be happy! But one thing I do like is my legs. I know I said before that I’m not a fan of my calf muscle but other that that I love my legs. I definitely have my mums skinny legs. Yay, Thanks Mum! So, I decided to take a leg selfie. I took this as I was heading out the front door, running late as usual, but I managed to position my legs to make them extra tiny. Plus, It was a chance to show off my new jeans!



This was a ‘New Dress’ selfie. I’m a little obsessed with stripes and when I saw this dress I fell in love! I accessorized it with some leggings, a brown belt, my trusty brown flat shoes and a gold heart necklace. I think you can tell from my face just how much I love this dress. My hair is doing that nice bouncy thing too!




My final selfie I’m going to share with you all is my selfie with my little cousin. William has grown up with me constantly taking photos with him and he now moans when I ask him for a photo which I find so funny! But despite me annoying him with constant photos I love him dearly and I know the feelings mutual. He’s at that fun age where he’s still young enough for cuddles and kisses but old enough to hold conversations. This photo was taken at my grandma’s just as we were saying our goodbyes. We attempted this photo a few times before I settled on this. He may have missed my cheek completely and be kissing my eye but is such a cute shot. One of my favourites AND I love my hair on this one too!

So, there you have it, my Top 10 Selfies and the secrets behind them. In future, when you come across another flawless selfie, just think to yourself, they have probably taken around 50 pictures before they settled on that final image and they probably have a few secrets of their own on how it was perfected. Lighting, positioning and editing all have a big factor on creating the best selfie! There’s nothing wrong with taking a few selfies every now and then but If you find it’s not as flawless as Kylie Jenner or you don’t look as flattering at a Victoria’s Secret model, don’t worry, they probably don’t look as perfect in real life either!

Sincerely, Sophie x