Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone has had a great weekend? I spent most of mine celebrating my Grandads Birthday with the family. He turned 77 yesterday and as he has been in a lot of pain recently with his sore hip we decided to make a fuss of him. He’s due to go in for a Hip Operation in just over a week’s time and he needed his mind taking of it all so we all spent Saturday night at my Auntie and Uncle’s house with hot-pot, fireworks and sparklers and then yesterday was spent chilling at our house with Sunday Lunch and watching Elf!


(My dad is usually the first to start posing when I get the Camera out…)

There is 10 of us on my mum’s side so when we all get together it can be pretty noisy. It’s usually spent with lots of laughing, shouting and talking. The occasional song might pop in there too! Meal times are spent talking about what we’ve been up to, telling jokes and pulling funny faces at each other. We’re a very sarcastic family, so, there’s always one person who gets the brunt of it all and it’s usually either Grandad or Grandma. And I don’t know if it’s just my family that do this, but, mealtime conversation ALWAYS turns to, what I can only describe as, ‘Toilet Talk’. Without fail. Every single time.



Anyway, mum made her usual Chicken Dinner for tea and my Auntie made a homemade Victoria Sponge Birthday Cake for afters. Feeding 10 people usually means there’s never enough and last night wasn’t any different. There was a lot of “Is that it!” and “I hope there’s dessert” comments.


After tea we presented Grandad with his homemade Cake (Sooo Yummy!) and sang Happy Birthday!



We then relit the candle for my little cousin William to blow out. We all did it as a kid!


Mum then danced around to Bryan Adam’s ‘Summer of 69’…and I snapped it all of course! 🙂



Grandad then opened his presents. We got him some smellies, chocolates and all chipped in to buy him a portable DVD player which he can take into hospital with him when he has his operation.



As you can see, he loved it!


And what’s a family get-together without Fifa16…


Princess decided to join in too!


So, that’s how I spent my Sunday. Grandad enjoyed his special day and it was lovely spending some much-needed time with the family! I of course irritated everyone by getting the camera out and invading everyone’s privacy, but, hey ho that’s what you get having a photographer in the family! I’ve decided I need to use my camera a little more than I do, so, you can expect more posts like this to come!

Happy Birthday Grandad!

Sincerely, Sophie x