Sometimes, last-minute plans are the best plans and that was certainly the case yesterday when I met up with my friend and fellow Photographer bud, Amber. We hadn’t seen each other in a little while and she came to see me whilst I was in work on Wednesday. After a mini squeal and a quick 2 minute catch up we promised we’d meet up later on in the week. But, we soon arranged to meet the following day for afternoon tea.

In the last few years afternoon tea has become a popular thing. With people now preferring the traditional way of ‘Catching up’ meaning tea, cake and a good natter. However, many places, such as The Village Tearoom in Wheelton, have given ‘afternoon tea’ a new identity by producing the delightful selection of sandwiches and cakes (Usually Scones which I’m obsessed with!) in mini picnic baskets or little picnic bench’s. The whole look is just adorable!


With Amber now driving, we decided on doing something different and visiting somewhere new. (Chorley Town Centre can get pretty boring!) So, we decided on afternoon tea at The Village Tearoom in Wheelton. I’ve been in love with Wheelton itself for a while now, I usually walk through the village when it’s the election season as our polling station is at the village school. But, I’d love to one day live in one of the little houses there!

We arrived at the The Village Tearoom and were greeting at the door by 2 polite young girls who worked there. They told us to find a table and that they would bring over some menus. I instantly fell in love with the place. The decor was impeccable and the atmosphere was very serene and relaxed. Once we received our menus, we were read the Soup, Pie and Quiche of the day. Looking through the menu’s we were met by a varied choice of food and drink (You can find their menu here!). We decided on the ‘Lighter Bite Afternoon Tea for One’ which consisted of a selection of freshly prepared finger sandwiches, a homemade scone with jam and clotted cream plus a choice of either tea or coffee. Unfortunately, I had to be that fussy and annoying customer and I asked for ham and cream cheese sandwiches instead of their selection, plus, as I don’t drink tea or coffee, I asked if I could swap that for a cold drink, to which they happily catered for. I, of course, chose the Curiosity Cola.

As we waited for our food and drink to arrive we had chance to take a look around. Again, we fell more in love with place. I just can’t believe it’s taken me so long to visit The Village Tearoom!


Our food and drinks arrived within 10 minutes and it was delicious! Amber was particularly impressed with the real tea leaves used in her Earl Grey, instead of the usual tea bags. Being photographers, we of course took the opportunity to take as many photos as possible of our little picnic baskets.



Also included in our basket was the most beautiful, little gingerbread man shaped piece of white chocolate. So cute!


Once we had finished (and we realized just how full we actually were) we made our way to the till. Dotted around the till were jars of homemade jams to buy as well as a box full of little packets of reindeer dust. After we had paid up, the young girl’s thanked us for visiting and we made our way outside.

I think you’ll agree with how great the window display looks and the exterior too! The whole place has been carefully thought out and the little details just made it all the more exciting. I will definitely be visiting this place again soon! I’ve actually promised my mum I’d take her. She’s just as obsessed with Vintage as me!



We finished off the day by popping into Botany Bay on the way home. Being huge fans of Christmas, we decided to visit the new Christmas floor. There was no doubting that the festive season was just around the corner. It also gave us some great ideas for future Photoshoots!

Despite the time going so fast and it feeling as if we still had so much more to catch up on, I had a great day! Thank you Amber for a lovely time and Thank you to everyone at The Village Tearoom who made our first experience with them an enjoyable one. I’ll definitely be visiting again soon! And, to anyone who is after somewhere new to ‘Catch Up’ with a friend in the future, I’d definitely recommend this place!

P.S. Botany Bay is definitely worth a visit too!

Sincerely, Sophie x