Can you actually believe it’s almost Christmas again? Almost time to run around the shops like headless chickens trying to decide on the best gift for your loved one. Almost time to stuff ourselves silly with all the delicious Christmas food and almost time to put the year 2015 behind us! I gladly welcome the latter with open arms.

Anyway, we all have those people in our lives who are the hardest to buy for. I believe I am one of those people. It’s not that I don’t know what I want because I do but I don’t tend to tell anyone else what I actually want. My usual reply tends to be “I don’t know? Maybe money or vouchers?” when asked what I want. I’m not too bothered about receiving gifts, In fact, I tend to feel cheeky asking for something a little expensive, but, I do enjoy giving gifts to other people. My sister even says I’m the best at giving gifts! I tend to choose gifts and ideas based on their personalities and I have so much fun with it! Is that sad?

– I will be posting a few posts over the next week on gift Ideas for friends and loved ones so keep a look out for them! –

So, I thought I’d help both my family and friends out by writing out a ‘realistic’ Christmas Wish List, the first I’ve wrote since I was about 11!

The very top of my list is Impractical Jokers Tickets for either of their shows in Manchester or London in February. I am HOOKED on this show! As you will have seen from a previous post they are one of my current obsessions and I’ll be honest, this obsession doesn’t look like it’ll be dying down anytime soon! I also have a little crush on Sal too for some reason(Second from left). Haha! His laugh is just hilarious! If I’m being honest, even if I just received these for christmas I would be more than happy!

impractical jokers

Montevallo_(Sam_Hunt_album_-_cover_art)I also really want Sam Hunts Album too. I found this guy on YouTube a few months back and fell in love with him. He honestly seems like the sweetest guy in the world! He is an American Country Singer from Georgia. His music is a mix of Pop, Country and R&B. I just love his style and his choice of lyrics are great. His album features his recent hits…the songs I play on repeat, so, this would be a great present for me! You can order it here on Amazon.

I would love a FujiFilm Instax Polaroid Camera! As you all have probably learned by now, I am a photographer and I photograph anything and everything! I’ve wanted a Polaroid Camera in forever so this would be a perfect gift! I’ve taken the time to look up where you can find them and at the moment Argos and Curry’s (*Cough Cough* My brother actually works at Curry’s and can get discount!). Colour wise, I wouldn’t actually mind? But, if I had to choose my top 3, It’d be the Baby Blue, Baby Pink or White.Untitled-2



I’ve been looking around for a Fringed Handbag for ages!! I’ve always loved the Boho-Rock look so when i saw this bag I instantly fell in love! It is from Next and is just beautiful! Totally me! And it is only £30!! Bargain!



No Christmas is the same without some New Pajamas. And I’ve found my pajamas for Christmas 2015! They’re from Victoria’s Secret (of course!). They are the The Sleepover Knit Pajamas in black. So cute! And I can imagine they’d be just as cosy too!41B0SQ-iHaL

I’ve also been looking for a New Phone Case recently and I’ve found these 2 that I really like on Amazon. A clear black polka dot case with a black rhinestone diamond 3D bow which I just love! Very girly! I also found this pink gloss jelly case too which I quite like too.



I don’t tend to wear a lot of Jewelry but I saw a friend wearing a Crown Ring a few months back and it looked beautiful! I’d love one for myself! So, I went on a mission to find one that I really liked and i found this one on Etsy. It’s beautiful!





Following on from the Jewelry, I also found this lucky Hasma Hand Necklace too. Isn’t it stunning! I would love something like this. Or Even a Bracelet like this would be just as lovely!



Another great gift is always Vouchers. Not many people like giving Vouchers but sometimes it’s the best choice if you’re really unsure on what to get them. They can then go and pick their own things. Vouchers to TopShop, Victoria’s Secret, H&M and New Look would be great for me this year!

And Finally…Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a new perfume! So this year I’d really like a bottle of Black Opium by YSL. It’s such a Winter/Christmassy fragrance that smells divine! You can get it from almost any store that sells perfume and fragrances, although, be warned, it is a little on the expensive side…


So there you have my ‘Realistic’ Christmas List of 2015. Ideas for both friends and family! I didn’t actually realise I wanted so much…but, at least there’s a few ideas there. I’m a little more excited now I FINALLY know what I want!

Why not create your own and help out your friends and family a little?

Sincerely, Sophie x