Being a Photographer, you tend to spend a large chunk of your time day-dreaming about the most perfect shoot. The location, the model, the theme. It’s all so exciting! However, having 2 other jobs, my blog and my own photography business, finding the time to organise, plan and actually do a shoot like this is very hard. I have all these big ideas and extravagant plans but no time to achieve them and it does get me down. As you were growing you, your head is filled with hope and dreams, yet, you never actually think of the long and bumpy road you have to take to reach your destination. You’re not told of the stress, tears and obstacles you have to face along the way. However, these past months have been spent with the realisation that if I don’t go out there and actually work my ass off for it then it will only ever be a dream. So, when 12.00am hit on the 1st January 2016, I made myself a promise, that’d I’d not only spend this year focusing on my Photography but that I’d make my grand ideas a reality!

So, last Friday I decided to meet up with 3 of my very good friends and fellow Photographers, Steff, Steph and Amber. These girls have the same drive and determination as I do, so surrounding myself with them is always a good idea. We decided to meet up for Afternoon Tea and a ‘Planning Session!’


We chose The Old Stables Vintage Tea Shop in Chorley to meet up. Considering this is practically on my door step I’ve only ever been once before. We booked a table beforehand for 4 people and after arriving and being greeted, we were led upstairs to a table of 4 next to a small log burner…a great choice of table considering it was freezing outside!

After a few debates on what to have we all decided to order an Afternoon Tea each priced at £9.95. This included sandwiches, a cake of your choice, a drink of your choice plus a few little added extras and all presented on a beautifully, handprinted, China, Afternoon Tea Set. I decided to order the Ham and Onion Chutney sandwiches, a scone and for the drink option, a Dandelion and Burdock.


Steph decided to order the Hot Chocolate that came with Cream, Oreos and Marshmallows and Amber chose the Strawberry Milkshake (both cost a little extra).

333As we were waiting for our Afternoon Tea to arrive, we got the chance to take a little look around the place. We were sat under some beautiful beams decorated with charming, handmade bunting. The walls were filled with Cute, Vintage, Handmade Gifts and Accessories that graced the Vintage feel to the place. Everything was perfectly thought out!


Unfortunately, despite it all being so yummy, none of us could finish it all. I had to pack the rest of it away into a little take out box and take it home. You definitely get more than enough for the price! We then spent a few hours making Photography plans, talking about our ideas, hopes and our dreams and decided to organise and book in a few dates. Personally, I like to organise things. When I have the time I can spend hours planning something and I enjoy every second of it so to be sitting with 3 other girls who also share that passion was great! I won’t go into detail with what we planned but what I will say is that I’m in for an exciting few months!


Before we knew it, we had been there for just under 3 hours and not once were we hurried on by the staff. Sometimes, you can go to cafes and restaurants and feel rushed, but, the staff at The Old Stables Vintage Tea Shop were lovely, extremely polite and very helpful! Situated on St George’s Street, tucked away behind a row of houses, sits the Beautiful converted Stable. I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a lovely little place to meet with friends around Chorley.

I will definitely be going again soon!

Sincerely, Sophie x