When I first started blogging, some few months ago, I could only dream of receiving invites and products from other businesses to try out. I imagined writing post after post on beautiful product after beautiful product and earning not only recognition for myself, but more custom to these amazing businesses that rely on people like me to spread the love and positivity!

And then it started happening! I was soon being asked to try out and write about some amazing products from companies all over the world. And I’ve enjoyed every second of it! But, being a lover of food, one of my favourites so far has got to be what happened on Saturday… I was invited, by a woman named Kitty, to Revolución de Cuba in Manchester, along with my friend Steff, to sample their new Brunch Menu. I was so excited! I’ve heard so many people say nothing but positive things about the place and how quirky it is. I’m a huge fan of quirkiness and alternate style, plus free food and alcohol, so I knew I’d be stupid to pass on such an offer.

We had our table booked for 1pm, all we had to do was turn up on time. But, due to our delightful transport system we couldn’t even manage that! Unfortunately, coming from Chorley we have been having a few problems with our train lines through to Manchester for a few months and Saturday was no different. But, I rang up the restaurant to warn them we’d be a little late and they were nothing but polite and helpful. When we eventually arrived, 15 minutes late, we were greeted by a friendly, front of house greeter (If that’s the correct terminology?) who seated us at a lovely little table in the centre of the restaurant.Revolution De Cuba-40

As we sat down we saw just how beautiful the place actually was. We were in awe at the decoration and it’s style, even down to the knife and fork pot holders on the table. Now, I’ve never been to Mexico before, but if it’s even a little similar to the feel and decoration of Revolución de Cuba then I want to go NOW!1111

We were given a menu to look at and told we could choose a dish of the said menu. After a few minutes of analysing, I decided on the ‘Cubano Benedict’, Sourdough Toast topped with Pulled Pork, a Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce, served with Crispy Potatoes. This isn’t something I’d normally order but as soon as I saw the Pulled Pork, I was sold! I tend to go through little phases where I become a little obsessed with certain foods, and currently, yep you guessed it, it’s Pulled Pork!1000

For drinks, we chose the bottomless Mimosa and Bellini cocktails. For £12 each, this meant we could order as many refills as we wanted, within reason. We ended up ordering 5 each! For those of you who are unsure on what a Mimosa is (I didn’t know either), it is a mixture of Champagne and Orange Juice, served in a champagne flute and usually drank with a morning brunch. A Bellini is a mixture of Prossecco and Peach, again served in a champagne flute. We thought this was the perfect option considering we were ordering food from the Brunch Menu.888
Not long after, our food arrived and we were not disappointed! It was beautifully presented and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. After many photos, I picked up my knife and fork from the very cute packaging it came in and began to eat. Oh my god, it was gorgeous!! The flavours, the texture, the taste…I didn’t want it to end! I honestly didn’t think that the dish would work together but I was so wrong! It worked perfectly! Hats off to the chef!777

After I had practically licked the plate clean, I realised how full I actually was! I don’t know if this was down to the food or the alcohol but I needed some time to just sit back and relax.

And just in the nick of time, we were treated to some live entertainment from a Manchester duo named Easy Feet. I’m a huge fan of acoustic music and artists who can put their own spin on a famous song and this group did exactly that. A personal highlight was when they performed their version of ‘Suit and Tie’, originally sung by Justin Timberlake. It sounded amazing! I honestly felt like I was sat in a bar, in some desirable country, without a care in the world, just enjoying some live music whilst sipping on cocktails. Bliss.

After Easy Feet finished their set, we decided to settle our drinks bill and head over to the bar for one last cocktail. We decided to take this opportunity to snap a few photos of the place before ordering our last Cocktail. We thought that as it was our last, we’d make it a big one. We chose the ‘Strawbana Rumrise Daiquiri’, a mixture of both the Strawberry and Banana Daiquiri’s. They looked Awesome and tasted Incredible! And it came with a Strawberry AND A FLAKE! Wowee!666

Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end at some point but there’s no denying that I could have stayed there all night and just soaked up the atmosphere and drank Cocktail after Cocktail! I will definitely be going there again!

So, If you are unsure on where to go for your next date, meet up with friends, event or even a night out (I believe it makes a great night out too!) then I’d happily recommend Revolución de Cuba. But, if you’re not based in Manchester, don’t worry, they have restaurants in Cardiff, Norwich, Sheffield, Derby, Milton Keynes, Leeds and Nottingham too!

I believe that anyone can open up a restaurant, anyone can serve good food and make amazing cocktails, but, it takes Skill, Hard-work and a Happy Team to create a great experience for its customers and I believe that Revolution De Cuba does exactly this! From the decoration, to the menus, to the team, you can see just how hard everyone works to keep this franchise improving.

I’d just like to say a really BIG THANK YOU to Kitty and everyone at Revolución de Cuba who made our experience a great one! We both enjoyed every second of it!

Sincerely, Sophie x