Around a year and a half ago, I was asked to Bolton University to attend a photoshoot that had been organised by a lady named Steff. I started talking to Steff a week or two prior to this after stumbling upon her on Facebook and I remember instantly falling in love with her Photography. I was quite new to Photography myself and was going through a phase of digging around photographers from around my area and finding inspiration in their work. I think what drew me to Steff’s work was her soft editing and how all her photographs looked very fairytale-like. It was very similar to the style I wanted to create and achieve.

When she asked me down to the studio at the University I jumped at the chance. I remember feeling really nervous and quite scared. ‘What if she asks me questions on Photography that I don’t know?’ or ‘What if she asks me to adjust camera settings…I don’t know how?’ but, my worst thought was ‘What if she thinks I’m rubbish?’. I wasn’t a very confident photographer, I didn’t think I was very good so these thoughts kept running over and over in my mind until I actually met her… I remember my first thought being how lovely she actually was. I wasn’t expecting her not to be lovely, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew that she had quite a few followers on her social media pages and that her work was amazing! But, she was quite shy and very quiet which instantly put me at ease as my personality was very similar. I relaxed a little knowing she wasn’t all ‘I’m amazing!’ and ‘I’m better than you!’. I don’t usually get on with Photographers who think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. The world is big enough for us all!

When I got to the studio, she introduced me to a few other people from her course, showed me around the studio and asked me a few photography related questions. Feeling a little more relaxed, I involved myself with the shoot and got to know a little more about Steff and her fellow students. After the shoot, we packed up the studio and made our way to the bus station. Living in the same direction as each other, we both got the same bus home and it was there that we chatted a lot more and realised we were both actually quite similar. We both loved the same style photography, the same food and that one of our favourite photographers was Rosie Hardy! Now, I knew Rosie Hardy from a concert I attended a few years earlier and then from learning about her whilst doing a project on her in College. Not many people I knew had heard of her so it was exciting to find out that someone else shared my love of her work. And it was from then that our friendship really developed. We’d meet up every few weeks to eat cake and talk Photography. We even booked a place each onto Rosie Hardy’s Workshop for later that Summer.

Now, a year and a half later, I’d consider Steff as one of my best friends. She shares the same drive and determination as I do, similar hopes and dreams, the same love for Photography and Blogging and she is just one of the most thoughtful, kind-hearted and talented people I have ever met. I’d honestly be lost without her! And you may have noticed that she has, in fact, designed my lovely blog and branding too!

Around 6 months ago, she encouraged me to start blogging. I was a little apprehensive to start with as I didn’t think anyone would be interested. I didn’t think I’d receive sponsored posts and I wasn’t very confident at writing. But, low and behold, she set me up with a blog, developed and created my style and explained to me how it all worked…It was then that I became hooked… I don’t know what I’d do without it now. I guess I see my blog as more of a release, a way to air my views freely and talk about things I love.

Then, a few weeks ago, Steff decided to buy me a Planner. A diary, notebook and life planner all rolled into one! She’s a little obsessed with planners herself and has over 8 of them for this year alone. She says she enjoys decorating them and filling them with all her hopes and dreams. Personally, it’s never really been something I’ve been into myself but then again I said the same about blogging! Recently though, she decided that she’d make her passion a reality and attempt to make something out of her hobby. So, she created planner printable’s!!3
So far, they’ve been a success, she’s had many clients download the free printable’s available on her website and blog and some very positive feedback too! Apparently, planners are making a big comeback this year, so, why not join in with the craze and head over to and download the FREE printable’s for yourself!1

My favourite printable is the little Hello piece, I just think it’s so cute and a lovely thing to look at every time you open up your planner. I also like my personalised first page for my planner made up of Photography terms and tips. The colours and the Audrey Hepburn quotes are just the perfect finishing touch.6

Steff describes the planner printable’s as being “A way to make the most of the year. By writing things down, you’re making your hopes and dreams real. I’ve created space at the start of every month to write down what you’d most like to achieve, along with a space at the end of the month to write down what you’re most grateful for and holding yourself accountable for what you wanted to achieve. Studies show that people who show gratitude in their lives are more happier and successful and after a tough year last year I knew that I needed something that I believed in, as well as being able to create, plan and organise! You can stay on top of things yourself and never miss an important date again!” 
52 4The planner printable’s come in A5 size, just simply sign up FREE to her newsletter on and download the printable’s directly from email and print them out yourself. It’s that easy! (Other sizes can be made available, just send over an email to Steff and she’ll be more than happy to help!)

***Also, for anyone who is interested, the Planner was bought from Paperchase!***

You can find Steff & her AWESOME work here!

Happy Planning!

Sincerely, Sophie x