Is it just me or is everyone else getting a little fed up with Winter? I mean, I love the whole ‘sitting in front of the fire whilst drinking hot chocolate’ scene but, I’m missing the beer gardens and warm weather more! I’ll be honest, I don’t handle the cold weather well, being cold is definitely one of my top 3 things that I hate. One of the worst things about the weather at winter is waking up in the morning and having to drag myself out of a warm bed and into the bitter, cold kitchen to make breakfast. I do try to switch on the heating as much as possible but my dad is one of those people who likes to avoid wasting money on heating the house when we can ‘put on a jumper’ or ‘wear a dressing gown’. So, I tend to spend my mornings trying to reason with my dad about how putting on the heating for just 10 minutes can do a world of good!

Anyway, pining over Summer has got me thinking about all those amazing holiday and festival plans, as well as spontaneous trips to the pub, the ice-cream parlour or the beach. Plus, we get to dig out our summer clothes from the wardrobe and look a little stylish once more (No more baggy winter coats…Yay!). One particular item of clothing that I love to wear in summer has to be wedged sandals! I can’t get enough of them! Plus, you can wear them with anything! Maxi dresses, jeans, leggings or even a dress, they just perfect that ‘Summer Look’. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Dolcis shoes and offered a beautiful pair of wedged sandals to try out for myself!

And when a girl is offered a new pair of shoes, her response is obviously going to be YES!

Now before I continue, let me just introduce you to Dolcis. The brand was created at Woolwich Town Market in 1863 and with a lot of hard work and dedication the Dolcis name began appearing above shop doors by 1920. As the brand developed, so did it’s popularity! With features on advertising campaigns and their shoes were being worn by film stars such as Lana Morris and Jean Simmons. In 2012, Dolcis was bought by Johnson Group and relaunched for the Spring/Summer 2013 season, which also marked the brands 150th anniversary. Still to this day, Dolcis continues with their ambition to create and develop it’s catwalk inspired, fashion forward brand, offering its stylish, cool and contemporary designs to appeal to style-minded, young women. IMG_5362

When the package first arrived in the post, I must admit, I was very surprised at just how fast they were delivered. They actually arrived within 2 days of ordering and finalising details! That’s always a plus when ordering online. Theres nothing worse than ordering something online and it taking forever to arrive. When I was deciding which shoes to choose, I was torn. There were so many beautiful styles to choose from! Do I play it safe and pick a pair of boots? Or, do I be a little more adventurous and choose a pair of heels? Or, maybe I should choose the appropriate option and go for a cute pair of flats? It was tough. I knew I wanted to choose a style that I’d actually wear and feel comfortable talking about but I just couldn’t decide. So, I decided to let Dolcis choose. I gave the a pick of my favourite designs and asked them to surprise me!


As soon as they arrived I ripped open the packaging and as you can imagine, I was over the moon to discover the gorgeous Dolcis Porto Wedge Sandals! I instantly began imagining the many different outfits I could put together using these shoes and it got me a little over-excited for summer! What do you think? Now, I’m not really a girly girl so I tend to wear darker colours…even in summer, so shoes like this will definitley work a treat for me during the summery days and nights. I love the electric blue strap and how well it works against the basic black design used for the rest of the wedge. I think the decorative screws dotted around the joining of the straps adds a little rock n roll to the shoe, which I love!


The great thing about wearing wedges is that the shoes alone can dress up or dress down any outfit. I find them a lot easier to walk in than other heels and you can get some beautiful and timeless styles. I’ve actually still got a pair of wedges in my wardrobe that I’ve had for just under 6 years now and they still look awesome with any outfit I throw together.

IMG_5389 IMG_5359

With the Dolcis sandals, I already know that they are going to be worn ALOT over the summer. The whole look and style is something that’d attract me if I was buying them for myself in a shop somewhere. I’d definitely recommend them for someone who has a similar style to me and for anyone who enjoys more of a relaxed look over summer. But, if this style shoe is not something you’re overly excited about yourself then don’t worry, Dolcis has very unique and varied styles of shoes that suit everyone! So, weather you’re after a new pair of shoes for work or something for date night then look no further…Dolcis is the answer! Plus, right now they have a great selection of styles in the sale that you just have to take a look at!

Go on, treat yourself!


Also, a massive Thank you goes to everyone at Dolcis for the beautiful shoes and your amazing service!

Sincerely, Sophie x