So, the weekend is almost over and I’m guessing that you’re already counting down the days till next weekend! What are your plans? Another evening sat in front of the TV with your partner? Maybe it’ll be spent down the local pub again with your friends, drinking wine, whilst trying to avoid that drunk guy giving you those ‘look of love’ eyes. Surely, there’s something much more exciting that you can do?…

Well, I have the answer…The Milton Club, Manchester!

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive invite to one of their Cocktail Masterclasses last friday night, along with fellow blogger and one of my very good friends Steff from Of course, just at the mention of ‘Cocktail’ we were sold!

When Friday came, we decided it’d be best to get the train into Manchester so that we could truly enjoy the experience and all that was on offer. Luckily, I work at the photography studio opposite The Milton Club, so getting to the venue wasn’t as stressful as I had expected it to be. But, to anyone who is unsure where the Milton Club is located, it sits on Deansgate, between The Hilton Hotel and House of Frazer. When we arrived, we were met by steps leading up to grand, double doors. I was a little apprehensive to start with as I was unsure what to expect. I’d heard from different people that the place is very exclusive, quite expensive and that people with money can often be found partying here. So, as you can imagine, I was a little nervous and a little scared that I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ with the place.

We were met at the reception desk by two ladies who asked us our names, took our coats and walked us through to the bar. As we entered the club, I was impressed with the whole look and feel of the place. The huge bar that was centred in the middle of the room, that featured huge floral print black and yellow lights, along with the plush looking booths and a large DJ booth area. The bar was filled with bartenders getting ready for the night ahead and despite being a little early the staff were nothing but friendly and welcoming.


We were seated at the bar and introduced to Ibrahim. He told us he was going to be heading the Cocktail Masterclass and teaching us all about the different cocktails, what they contained and how to make them. He then offered us a glass of Prosecco and asked us a few questions about ourselves and blogging. Soon after, the rest of the girls arrived and despite never meeting before, we all got on brilliantly!

Then came the hard decision, we had to choose a cocktail of the menu! When you’re a lover of cocktails a decision like this is always going to be a tough one! Personally, I love cocktails that contain Prosecco or Champagne and anything sweet, so, after a few minutes I decided on the Bellini. As you may have read in an earlier post, I only tried a Bellini a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with it, so as it was still quite fresh in my mind, I chose that.


Ibrahim then made our choice of cocktails one by one and explained everything in detail as he did so. Each of the girls had chosen different cocktails so it was great to watch and learn how to create each one, as well as adding the final little touches to have them looking picture perfect.


Then it was our turn! We had to somehow create the exact same cocktail using the correct measurements and detailed finishing touch. It’s not as easy as it looks! Fortunately though, my skills from my ‘barmaid days’ came in very handy and I quickly picked it up. I even successfully peeled a piece of lemon peel into a cute little swirl to add to the top of the glass! Yay!




I have to say though, Steff’s cocktail tasted amazing!! She had ordered the French Paradise and I have to admit cocktail envy! I mean I loved my chosen cocktail but if I could have swapped my Bellini for the French Paradise then I totally would have! I’d definitely, without a doubt, recommend you order that when you next go!


We were then given a shot! I’m not a massive fan of shots but I’m always open to trying something new. So when we were asked “Have you ever tried a Slippery Nipple?”, I knew what was coming! My heart sank a little when I found out that it involved Sambuca, but, I was promised that it’d be nice and to be honest, I was a little too tipsy to say no. I found out that a ‘Slippery Nipple’ was made up from half a shot of Sambuca with a layer of Irish Cream on top. And I have to say, it was great! The sharp Sambuca taste hits the back of your throat right away, but then the Irish Cream soothes that sharpness and the taste of Sambuca is washed away. I’ll definitely be ordering another one of those again!


We were offered our final glass of Prosecco and given the chance to talk about the world of blogging. It was lovely to chat to the other girls and find out a little about themselves and their blogs. And I have to say, my fears and concerns about the night felt a little silly in the end. I had nothing to worry about! Everyone was lovely and the venue was stunning.


Before we left, we were given a little bag of sweets and an invitation to stay inside The Milton Club to continue with our night. But, living in Chorley meant we had to get the last train home. So, unfortunately, our night had to end there. But, I will definitely be visiting The Milton Club again! As I said before, it can be a little expensive (for instance, Ibrahim showed us a bottle of Louis XIII Remy Martin, the most expensive bottle on the menu which is priced at £400 a shot!!!), but for the price, the cocktails alone are totally worth it!


So, if you are a little stuck on where to go on your next night out or where to celebrate a special occasion in style, then I’d highly recommend The Milton Club! Not only does it have amazing cocktails, spirits and beautiful decor, but they also have some pretty amazing guest appearances and music nights. For instance, every Saturday night features DJ’s Justin Fry, Vinnie B & Lemmi with Old School R&B Dance Classics. Plus, Friday 26th February there is a guest appearance from 90s Soul group, ‘Damage’. They will be performing classics such as ‘Love 2 Love’ and ‘Wonderful Tonight’. You can keep up to date with any exciting guest appearances or music nights coming up via their Website or their Facebook Page. Plus, all the information you need on becoming an exclusive member of the club to enjoy a variety of benefits!

A night out at The Milton Club is definitely a worthwhile experience that I’d recommend to everyone!

I’d just like to say a massive Thank you to Siobhan, Ibrahim and the rest of the staff at The Milton Club for organising such a great night. I had so much fun. It was just what I needed!

Sincerely, Sophie x