Painted nails has to be a personal beauty favourite of mine. I love that instant confidence boost you get from freshly painted nails. Girls, you know what I mean right? Have you ever gone out for a nice meal somewhere or a night out with friends and you’ve looked down at your nails to discover them completely bare. Like, you suddenly feel that you’re not completely ready, you lose a little confidence and you can’t help but hide your nails at every opportunity. Most of my nights out have seen me painting my nails hastily, minutes before I leave the house, or even in the back of the taxi. I’m not even joking! But, as strange as it sounds, I can’t fully enjoy a night out somewhere knowing there is no colour on my nails.

Personally, I’m not very good when it comes to painting nails. I’m quite impatient and waiting for them to dry seems like forever! I ALWAYS over-estimate what I can do with wet nails, so, half the time they become smudged and blotchy looking. My sister is trained in beauty therapy and she tends to comment a lot at just how bad I am when it comes to painting my nails and waiting for them to dry. And for this reason, I usually buy quick drying nail varnish from local beauty stores and supermarkets.


However, I was lucky enough to receive 2 bottles of nail varnish from Gucci the other day and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I was given the ‘Black Gold’ and ‘Rush’. The ‘Black Gold’ colour is exactly what it says on the tin…Black & Gold. It’s more of a shimmery varnish too so it looks awesome in the light. The ‘Rush’ colour is more of a bright and cheerful reddish-pink.



Now, the first thing I look for in a good nail varnish is the application of the varnish. I hate gloopy liquid and big brushes. The Gucci nail varnish comes with a thin specialised, triangular-bristle brush, meaning that the liquid provides even coverage. I found painting my nails a little easier. As I gave each nail a few coats I noticed that the liquid formed together and didn’t leave any gaps, which meant no bumps.


The second thing I look for in a good nail varnish is it’s drying time. As stated before, waiting around for my nails to dry is not something I enjoy doing. So, nail varnish that dries within 5 minutes will always be a friend of mine. And I’m happy to say that after 5 minutes, my nails were practically dry. Perfect.

The third and final thing that I look for in a nail varnish is it’s life span. There’s nothing worse than paining your nails one day and by the next it starts chipping and looking a little old. But, so far so good. My nails still look as fresh as ever and I only gave them two coats!


I love my new Gucci nail varnishes a lot! The application, the drying time and the long-lasting finish is brilliant. I don’t tend to splash out on expensive nail varnishes, but I have to say, I think I might have to! The difference in the designer brand Vs the high street brand is obvious. And to say you’re sporting designer nails is always a bonus!


So Girls, I’d definitely recommend Gucci for your next nail varnish purchase. A bottle might be priced at £20, but just think of it this way, it’s a similar price to getting your nails done in a salon, the finishing look is amazing and the bottle lasts a lot longer than a few weeks! Plus, they are dermatologically tested too!

*Can I just add, I am a nail biter. So, my nails do look a little short and shapeless…apologies…but I’m working on them!*

You can take a look at the different nail varnishes and other beauty products Gucci have to offer here!

Go on girls, treat yourself!

Sincerely, Sophie x