So, what are your plans for next weekend? Have you got anything exciting planned? Or is it just another night sat in front of the TV? Well, what if I told you I could get you into a swanky, new, up and coming bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, guarantee you a great lively atmosphere AND give you a huge 55% off your food bill! What would you say?

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On Thursday night, I was invited to a brand new bar located in the centre of Manchester, along with fellow bloggers Steff, Lisa and Lorna, for an evening of complimentary food and drink and a much-needed catch up. How could I say no?!

Finding Dive NQ was pretty easy, situated close to Aflecks Palace and on the bustling ‘Tib Street’. We arrived just before 7pm and were greeted by a few promoters outside the venue who were handing out leaflets. As we entered Dive we were met with a big, rustic, wooden staircase leading down to the bar. I suddenly felt relaxed and harmonious as I made my way down the steps and a sudden feeling of excitement at the night ahead.

What I loved about the place was the casual, relaxed atmosphere and that all the staff were in funky checked shirts and jumpers. You’d expect somewhere like this to be filled with students and young people, but, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was such a mix of both couples and business men, along with groups of girls and boys just enjoying an evening out after work. I was also very impressed with the rustic and authentic interior. It reminded me a little of Australia for some reason or a random bar in the middle of America’s Route 66 somewhere. I absolutely loved it!


As we were led to our table by a lovely young girl, we were told that Allan, the organiser and our server, would be over shortly to introduce himself and chat to us about the menu. She then took our drinks order and briefly explained the offers they had on that night. After we had taken of our coats and settled into the booth Allan came over and greeted us. He explained how the menu worked, how long Dive had been open for and a little brief history. Dive is owned by the same proprietor as The Milton Club and Victoria Warehouse, it has been open for just under 4 months now and due to its success so far, they hope to develop the brand and create more of a franchise with Dive around the UK. Personally, I believe this would be a great success if Thursday night was anything to go by!

And you’re probably wondering what the meaning behind the name is? Well, as the concept of the menu is tapas and finger food, they encourage customers to order a few different dishes to share and to then ‘Dive in’. Their actual slogan is ‘Dive in, Crawl out’. Pretty Cool eh?


As we were looking over the menu, we were a little overwhelmed at the choice. How big were the portions? Should we order any side dishes? Shall I choose the Chicken or the Pulled Pork? We all quickly realised that we just couldn’t decide, so we came up with a brilliant idea…we’d let them decide. So, we asked Allan if he could just bring us a mixture of anything of the menu, just no fish! He, of course, was more than happy to do so.

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As we chatted away and really got a feel for the place we began to notice the sheer brilliance of the place. For instance, they had football showing on TV for the sport lovers, offers on cocktails, beer and wine for the drinkers and a mix of food from all different countries to suit your hunger needs. Not to mention the choice of either comfy sofas, booths or high tables to sit at. This place has definitely put the customers wants and needs in a bar first. Even the staff seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Not long after, our food arrived. We were all a little hungry having just finished work ourselves, so we were delighted with the selection that Allan and the chefs had chosen for us. First to arrive was the ‘Sweet Potato Wedges’ (that I had been secretly hoping for! I have recently developed a lot of love for sweet potato, thanks to Joe Wicks ‘Lean in 15’) and the ‘Pulled Chicken Nachos’, Nachos with Pulled Chicken and melted Cheese, along with Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa. So far so good!


A few minutes later the rest of the food began to arrive. We had the ‘Pulled Kentucky Pork Sliders’ which I had been desperate to try after developing a slight obsession with Pulled Pork in the last few months. Then we had the ‘Classic NY Club’ and the ‘Mexican Hacked Chicken’. Unfortunately, I wasn’t over keen on these. There was nothing wrong with them at all but I’m not a massive fan of egg, which was included in the Classic NY Club and I just wasn’t too keen on the taste of the Mexican Hacked Chicken Taco’s. But, both dishes looked beautifully presented as everything else on offer.


My favourite dishes though had to be the ‘Texan Beef Skewers’ (tender beef skewers glazed in BBQ sauce) and the ‘Chicken Lollipops’ (Chicken in breadcrumbs served with a Sun Dried Tomato Mayo), the sauce was to die for! We also had the ‘Philly Cheese Steak Sub’ and the ‘Breaded Mushrooms’. Again, they wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was great to try something different. However, my opinion on mushrooms will always remain the same…disgusting little things!


After we had finished eating, we spent a little time talking over the food, what our favourite dish was and what we would order next time we visited. We also managed to snap a few photos of the interior and of each other too. After a little while Allan came back over and asked us if we had enjoyed our meal. He then offered us a dessert menu and gave a few recommendations. We all opted for different desserts. I went for the ‘Bennoffee Pie’, I’d never tried it before but I fancied something sweet. It was very tasty! Steff chose the ‘Strawberry Daiquiri Sundae’ which looked amazing! Lisa opted for the ‘Florida Key Lime Pie’ which she said tasted amazing and Lorna chose the Chocolate Sundae, which again looked totally awesome! A chocolate lovers dream!



Looking back at the pictures, I wish I could relive the night all over again! All that yummy food and the amazing service. It was brilliant! It’s definitely right up my street and I can tell you now that I will definitely be coming back soon! Next time it’ll be to try out some of their fantabulous sounding cocktails such as the ‘Parma Violence’, Mad-Hatten Iced Tea’ and the ‘New York Sour’!


So, if you are struggling with somewhere to meet friends in Manchester or you’re looking for that one stop bar that has it all then I’d highly recommend Dive NQ. And as I mentioned to you before, ALL FOOD of the MAIN MENU is 55% off throughout February!! Yes, a HUGE 55% off your food bill when your order of the main menu! What can get better than that?!! Now there’s another reason to visit!

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter or just simply take a look at their Website. Keep a lookout for other future food and drink offers and events too!

I’d just like to say a huge Thank you to Siobhan, Allan and everyone at Dive NQ for organising and hosting such a great evening for us all! 

Sincerely, Sophie x