Being a Photographer, I tend to have different ideas to most of you when it comes to the perfect day. Obviously, I love days out shopping with friends, eating out in restaurants and travelling somewhere new, sometimes even duvet days with a Rom-Com on TV, but, most of the time, my ‘Perfect Day’ involves Photography. At the start of this year, I made myself a promise. I said to myself that I’d spend this year developing and creating more of a photography career for myself so that eventually my dream of working for myself, doing something I love, will become a reality. So, what does a Photographer’s ‘Perfect day’ actually involve?

A Photographer loves nothing more than spending a day with their camera in hand, shooting something amazing and then spending the night editing and creating the most beautiful photos. Working another job whilst trying to build up a photography career for yourself can take so much energy out of you. You spend your days working for other people, trying to be the best you can but knowing you can never truly give yourself to them 100%. You then come home and start thinking of ways to promote yourself and your business, whilst trying to book in little shoots with under-paying customers here and there and the whole thing is just, well, exhausting! So, to a Photographer, a day spent shooting what they want is a great day!

And this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago. Me and three other Photographers (and friends) decided that we needed to step away for our usual day of all work and no play and spend time recharging our batteries. Over time, each of us had lost our inspiration, our drive and our determination, So, you could actually call it more of a therapy session than a day of shooting. And it was just perfect!

Planning a big shoot is almost like planning a party. You need to make sure the people arrive and on time, the location has to be planned, found and accessible. Ideas and styles have to be created and prepared. Refreshments and changing facilities has to be sorted and timing HAS TO GO TO PLAN! It can be so stressful and worrying planning a shoot, but, at the same time it’s the most exciting and creative thing to do. I love it!

So, rewind to a few weeks back, along with Steff, Steph and Amber, we decided to plan a styled shoot. The shoot was going to be wedding themed due to needing some more wedding portraits for our portfolio’s. The location was in Rivington, we had the Models and Make-up artist booked in and our Pinterest mood board at hand. We were all set. We decided that we would all meet at Steph’s house in Bolton and get everything ready there. We arranged to meet there for 9am so that we could make an early start and beat the rain. When we arrive at Steph’s house the atmosphere was amazing! You could literally feel the buzz and excitement. Not long after, the make-up artist, Dilshad, arrived to get started on making up our two beautiful models, Nikola and Maria. And what a great job she did! Not that the girls needed much make-up anyway, but Dilshad did a great job and was extremely friendly and hard-working. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who is after a make-up artist. As the preparations and plans were being finalised, I decided to capture a few snaps on camera.222


By half 10, we were ready and raring to go. As we set off and made our way up to the Rivington hills (three Cars, 2 Models and 4 Photographers later), I was in awe at the beautiful Rivington Countryside. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

We arrived, around 20 minutes later, at a delightful little spot somewhere in Belmont, Rivington. Apart from the odd car passing buy and the ice-cold wind, the setting was perfect! The countryside seemed to just go on and on! Due to the cold weather, we decided that it’d be a good idea for the models to take it in turns posing for us and any time not shooting would be spent warming up in the car. So, with our plan in place and everyone happy, we started shooting!b3359c58-300a-4eb0-83bc-375b04bedd78I loved these shots. The colours of Nikola’s outfit, the scenery, her hair…everything was perfect. Amber’s styling and Steff’s ladders just totally made these photos!28639c3c-53eb-4680-941b-b457ee08d917After a little while we decided to get into the car and warm up. We chose this time to discuss any problems we felt we had and any extra ideas that we thought would look amazing now that we’re up here. Once a little warmer, we moved on further up Belmont. We did find another little tranquil spot but due to the open countryside, we decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea having Nikola and Maria in sleeveless dresses being exposed to the cold. We decided to scrap this idea and move back down towards a more closed in and warmer area.We found a car park. It was much more glamorous than it sounds and it had some beautiful areas under the tree’s and away from the cars. We decided to dedicate this shoot to Wedding shots. Having photographed weddings before, I had an idea on the posing and what I wanted, so, setting up and shooting didn’t take long at all. The shots worked beautifully!11222201_816982821744774_4494953728451376430_o

Nikola was amazing in these shots. Despite having spent most of the day shivering in the cold and switching outfits in the back of the car, she looked amazing! She’d never modelled before and I was surprised at this because of how well she worked the camera. She was a natural!

5The day might have gone a lot faster than expected but they say time does when you’re having fun. And we had so much fun. Everything came together in the end and considering this was a first attempt, I have to say it went brilliantly! I’m itching to get started on the next one now!

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourites from the day…


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Sincerely, Sophie x