Being a blogger is so rewarding. You meet and learn about so many new people, you are given some of the most amazing opportunity’s that you wouldn’t normally get to do and it’s a place to really share what’s on your mind, whether it’s positive or negative. Blogging opens your mind to this crazy, yet exciting world that you never even knew existed.

I’ve had so many positive comments from creating a blog. So many people have applauded me for actually having the guts to share my thoughts and feelings online. Others have even said that they find inspiration in what I write. And that’s Fantastic! I’m so happy my blog influences people’s lives and helps them in some way. I must be doing something right?

But, deciding to start a blog wasn’t an easy decision. I’ve never considered writing to be a passion of mine. To be honest, I’ve never really considered myself as a good writer, full stop. I’ve been an avid talker my entire life. I love nothing more than having a good chat with someone about something and nothing. I mean, even my texts are essays! But no, for me, writing has always been at the bottom of my list of talents…or so I thought.

I’ve always had an interest in blogs so I knew, beforehand, what blogging consisted of. I just never really thought anything I’d have to say would interest anyone else. For instance, blogs that I were aware of and knew about usually consisted of designer products, hair & beauty tutorials and perfect family life. Nothing I had to offer was half as exciting! But, talking to my friend and fellow blogger Steff, she opened my eyes to how versatile and stimulating blogging can actually be! So, I decided to give it a try. I mean, the only negative thing that could happen was that nobody was interested in what I had to say. And as I pressed ‘Publish’ on my first ever post, I prepared myself for that.

But, the complete opposite happened. Each day, the reading figures increased and my mind was suddenly exploding with ideas! I received so many positive comments and messages. My confidence in writing grew and grew.

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Then came the sponsored posts, a bloggers dream! Knowing a company or a small business trusts you enough to write about their products and services is a mahoosive confidence boost! My first ever sponsored post was with JORD, an american wooden watch company. I was given a beautiful wooden watch that I had to model in a few photographs and write about in an honest blog post. I remember feeling so excited waiting for it to arrive in the post. When it arrived, I ripped open the packaging and was met by this stunning, handcrafted watch that I instantly fell in love with. I couldn’t wait to get started. Soon after, I joined a ‘Blogger Opportunity’ group. A group set up for bloggers and business owners to advertise any up and coming opportunity’s or events. From this group, I’ve been lucky enough to take part in many of the opportunity’s advertised. Cocktails, food and even shoes! It’s been great!


However, don’t think that blogging is an easy job because it’s not. Yes, it’s fun and Yes, it’s exciting, but, it’s also one of the most nerve-wracking and time-consuming things you can do. For me, writing a post can usually take up to an hour and a half, depending on how positive I’m feeling. Then you have the photographs and links to accompany it too. But, I do love it! I enjoy the uncertainty and the creativity you can produce with each post.

I know blogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. But, for me, I truly enjoy it. I find it more of a release. I can hide behind the curtain of social media and lay all my thoughts and feelings for the world to see. I can look back at previous posts in years to come and see just how far I’ve come and how I’ve grown as a writer and blogger.


Through it all, I’ve met some amazingly talented people who I learn from on a daily basis. Everyone has their own, individual style and it’s great to see and find inspiration in. This is when I decided to start a series of posts for my blog. I’ve decided to call it the ‘Five Minutes With…’ series and it’s a great opportunity for up and coming bloggers and business owners to answer some interview style questions on who they are and what they are about. It’s a great way for my readers to discover new talent and learn a little about someone else and their lives. I advertised this opportunity on Facebook and I’ve already received so many wonderful responses!! I’ve enjoyed learning about you all so much!!!

My first interview is going to be released tomorrow (Monday Evening) and it’s a good one! I’m so excited!!!

* If you’re reading this and you are considering taking part then send an email over to and state your interest and I will send you over a little more information and the questionnaire! I look forward to discovering even more talent! *

For now though, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and check back tomorrow morning for the first installment of ‘Five Minutes With…’

Sincerely, Sophie x

Five Minutes With..