So here it is! My very first Interview for my ‘Five Minutes With…’ series! And I’m so incredibly excited to share these amazing people and their blogs & businesses with you all!

My first Interviewee is the lovely Danie, from www.likeridingabicyle.com! She is a travel blogger with an impressive list of places she’s been too and thing’s she’s done. A little envy at the many destinations she’s travelled to and her free-spirited way of living! You go girl!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started your blog, Like Riding a Bicycle…

My name’s Danie, and I’m just a crazy, hitchhiking, nomad, wandering aimlessly around the world!I decided to start blogging purely to keep my friends up to date on my first backpacking trips. Then it sort of morphed into something where I can have an outlet for myself, and for my own thoughts. My biggest dream on earth is to one day cuddle a platypus, and I will happily take being poisoned to accomplish this dream, but it’s got to be a cuddly platypus! I’ve been running my blog Like Riding a Bicycle for a few years. Unfortunately, I don’t earn much income from it but the blog is more of a place to ramble and write the type of stuff I like to write about, rather than your run of the mill top ten lists. Although, I do earn a living off being a freelance transcriber and I pick up odd jobs online to survive. I work to live my lifestyle, but I will never, ever live to work!

Whats your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite part of blogging is, hands down, being able to write whatever I want, whenever I want! I love it when people really relate to my words because I never lie or only show just the good parts; I show the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of travel. I’m honest. In regards to being a business owner (or a freelancer in my case), I just love the freedom it allows me to go about my daily life as I want, and to work when and if I want.

Whats been your greatest experience whilst blogging?

Getting published on news.com.au! My article on getting robbed in the Amazon got me a ton of new followers, and was just a great moment of pride knowing that my writing was of the caliber to get in on such a huge site.



Do you have other commitments that you work around blogging? 

I am a person without any commitments! I have been on the road for three years now, and my mom will kill me if I don’t pop over for a visit this summer, so that’s about as far as my commitments go!

What are your hopes and dreams for your Like Riding a Bicycle?

I’d like to get my blog out there to more people, and for more people to see that travel isn’t all sunshine and roses (though sometimes it totally is!) My favourite post (and most well-received) on my site is Travel Bloggers are Lying to You, which deals with the fact that most bloggers only like to show you the good sides of traveling. I’d like to write more like that, and grow a following built upon my honesty and nomadic lifestyle, rather than the whole generic travel tips sort of blog.

Who inspires you and why?

My mom! She raised me as a young single mom, and still managed to get two degrees at university! She battled countless illnesses along the way, and still raised a crazy, independent, and (I think) kick ass daughter. She wins. Plus, although she misses me, she supports my wandering lifestyle, which means the world.  


What does an average day involve for you?

I usually get up and work on transcribing for a few hours each morning. This can take place anywhere – some days I’m in a hammock, or a bed, or a couch, or sitting on the sand. Then I spend the rest of my day doing as I please – lazing in another hammock, strolling along the beach, meeting up with new or old friends, whatever!

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One piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

It’s all gonna be okay. I mean, it’s gonna be INSANE, but okay.

Favourite place on earth and why?

Zipolite, Mexico. Because, not only is it a stunning beach town, but the whole place is clothing optional, and that’s just awesome!

Celebrity Crush & Why?

Jared Leto because he’s Jared Leto.

Your most strangest hobby/thing to do?

Chain smoke. Not even kidding.

Favourite place to shop for fashion and beauty?

Rabbit and Empee!

Thank you so much Danie for taking part in the ‘Five Minutes With…’ series and for being my first interviewee!

You can find more on Danie through her social media too;

Blog; http://likeridingabicycle.com

Facebook; http://facebook.com/likeridingabicycle

Twitter; http://twitter.com/hitchnomad

I’ve been thinking about going travelling for a long time now and reading your blog has inspired me so much more. To live the unexpected, day by day and to see so much of this beautiful world must be amazing! It certainly beats a 9-5 job I’m sure! And I sure as hell have to agree with you on Jared Leto!!

Check back next Monday for another ‘Five Minutes With…’.

And if Danie’s Interview has inspired you at all in anyway then let me know!

Sincerely, Sophie x