Today’s ‘Five Minutes With…’ is with the ambitious Millie from www.milliegoes.com. I’m a little excited about this one. Millie is a traveller and a good one at that! She’s been travelling since the age of 19 and had, at the time, already visited 34 countries. Despite travelling never really being her dream growing up, she soon caught the bug and hasn’t looked back since!

Tell me a little bit more about you and your blog, MillieGoes!

When I started MillieGoes last year, I had already been travelling since I was 19 and had been to 34 countries. I hadn’t started a travel blog before then because I didn’t think many people would want to hear what I have to say! Will from the Broke Backpacker was the guy who convinced me to try my hand at writing. We had met many years beforehand and dated for a while way before he’d started blogging. He suggested I try guest blogging for him, so with a little nudge I started to write about my experience of finding a travel buddy – it was so well received by his readers he told me I simply had to start my own website and I grew from there. I guess you could say that travelling has killed my acceptances of society’s full too. When I was 18 and finishing school, my only goal was to somehow be successful in the business world, to make my dad proud. I was young, materialist and had decided I was going to slot into society just like everyone else. I was scared of most things, and had no intention to travel other than to luxurious 5* resorts. Little did I know that once I hit the road for my first trip I was never going to turn back! I won’t deny that this trip, interlining Europe, was originally simply so I could say I’ve tried backpacking and move on. From then on though, travel has been the only thing on my mind. I’ve worked so many crap jobs (but some really nice ones too) to save so I can hit the road again over the last few years. I now can’t imagine my life without the blog. It’s a way for me to rant and ramble, keep my adventures alive and hopefully inspire others to travel too!



What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

The positivity I’ve found. I’ve now met so many other fellow travellers through, not only the travelling community, but the blogging community too. These guys have become true friends and support me not only with my blog, but also in other aspects of my life too. It also helps me keep the adventures alive. When you get back from a trip you feel really low, but by writing about it and sharing it with others it really lifts me up! It reminds that me that my last trip wasn’t long ago, so hopefully my next trip will come around soon too!


What’s been your greatest experience whilst blogging?

I guess for me the blog has been a way to capture some of the best experiences in my life. From skydiving to black water rafting, free diving with bull sharks and dodging bullets – travelling has proved to me that I can do anything. That be, the most scared people in the world a few years ago can now just laugh as she hurtles through the sky towards the ground. That, and so many other experiences has just blown my mind. Being able to share that with others, and hearing that I’ve inspired someone to do the same, that’s priceless. Helping someone realise that they are free and can do anything – just wow.


Do you have another job besides blogging?

Oh my goodness I have so many jobs and it kills me. Travelling the world isn’t always cheap, and while the blog is starting to help I really don’t make much of an income from it yet. Hopefully soon that will change, but until then I will do whatever it takes to save up to travel.


Do you have other commitments (i.e children)? If so, how do you find the time to manage both?

Other than paying my rent each month I’m seriously lucky in that, if I want to drop everything and go I can! I do kind of wish that I had someone to share all my adventures with though, but for now I’m dancing to my own beat and that’s ok.


What are your hopes and dreams for your blog?

My dream is to become a voice in this industry. Travel blogging is tough and there are so many people doing it out there. I want to be at the same level of Brooke from World of Wanderlust, pretty ambitious I know but that is the dream. To be almost constantly always on the road because travel writing is your job, I don’t think it can get better than that!


Who inspires you and why?

Ah – as I’ve said above it would be Brooke, she just really seems to live the life! She has such as voice in the industry and has grown so fast! Also, is it bad to say I’m inspired / motivated by the people who don’t believe in me? So many people have always thought very little of me, and to be able to prove that I have something special really means something to me. I’m at the point in my life that I wouldn’t care if they’re still bitching, but at the same time it’s so special when they have positive things to say.


What does an average day involve for you?

Wake up, morning meditation, social media blog work, catch the bus to the office and work 10pm – 6pm, back home by around 7pm, grab some food (on Saturdays it’s normally pizza  & wine with my fabulous french house mate while we disappear at how broke we are), then writing an article before heading off to snoozeville. Now please don’t think I’m boring, I have much more of a life than this but this is my average day I guess when I haven’t got plans!

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One piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

Laugh at the people who try to put you down, life is too short to give a fuck so power through and prove them wrong!

Favourite place on earth and why?

This is a tough one. Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia. It’s a smaller island near the famous main Koh Rong, and I spent a week here living in a tree house with a guy who, at the time, I loved with all my heart. Even though now it’s a very different story, I’ll never forget how amazing those few days were.

Celebrity Crush & Why?

Ryan Reynolds – I’m a sucker for a good smile.

Guilty Pleasure?

Smoking pot but we can’t realllllly go into that online can we I guess so we’ll go with drinking champagne. I may be a backpacker, but it’s surprising how much of the stuff you can get for free and I love it!

Favourite place to shop for fashion and beauty?

Street markets (please don’t judge me I have the fashion sense of a goldfish…)

Thank you so much MillieGoes for taking part in the ‘Five Minutes With…’ series!

You can find more on Millie through her social media too;

Website; www.MillieGoes.com

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Instagram; www.instagram.com/MillieGoes

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Again, getting to know another traveller is inspiring me even more to grab my backpack and set off. You’re a very brave and very ambitious girl and I admire that. I hope one day that I have your guts and determination to go out there and do it. It’s also nice to hear how you fund travelling. You don’t often hear that side of the story. I will definitely take on board your advice with dealing with the haters. You’ve definitely shown them!

Check back next Monday for another ‘Five Minutes With…’.

And if Millie’s Interview has inspired you at all in anyway then let me know!

Sincerely, Sophie x