For those of you who know me will know that I tend to talk about starting a health and fitness kick near enough every week, but, that’s all it ever is, talk. I’ve been wanting to lose a little weight and tone up for around a year and a half now and as embarrassing as it is, I can never get that boost to get started. Like many people, I do like to start a health and fitness plan on a Monday. I believe that it’s the best time as it means that the weekend cheating is over and it’s the start of a new week. In the past I’ve tried doing all sorts. I’ve tried cutting out fatty foods and drinks all together but I tend to crave carbs after 2 days and then the detox headache usually kicks in and it’s at that point I give in and grab a 2 packets of crisp, 3 chocolate biscuits, a can of coke and gorge on it all whilst sat in front of the TV. I’ve tried drinking pints after pints of water whilst tempting to exercise on an empty stomach and near enough passing out. I’ve even attempted to live of just 2 little meals a day…I actually made myself ill for a few days after attempting this. So, as you can see, my track record with health and fitness isn’t the best. I bore easily with repetitive fitness routines and I can never stick to an excercise plan, despite writing it all out on the computer and highlighting it all with beautiful colours.

I think, what I find difficult is finding the excitement in health and fitness. Of course, I’d love nothing more than to enjoy it but unfortunately, unless they start making a healthy version of chocolate and weight loss trousers I doubt I ever will. But, as someone who is always up for a challenge and likes to prove people wrong, I believe that if I truly set my mind to it, I can do it!

This is where Darren from Bear Strength comes into it. A few weeks ago I was contacted by him and offered a fantastic opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. his request was simple…for 8 weeks he’d like me and a few other fellow bloggers to participate in the Bear Strength Conditioning and Performance Challenge. He proposed that he’d send us a 60 days worth of  online personalized training, an 8 week meal plan and 8 Ladies only Strength and Conditioning classes. That whole package would usually cost you £112! However, all he has asked of me in return is to document my progress week by week and share it all with you, my lovely readers!


So, here I am. It’s a Sunday Afternoon and it all kicks off in less that 9 hours time. Am I nervous?…a little bit yes but I’m excited to get going and to see the progression in the coming weeks! I have taken a before photo which I won’t be sharing on here until my 8 weeks is up, only because I have very little confidence in my body as it is. I know I’m not fat but according to my BMI I am over weight for my height…how lovely! But, I promise I will share with you my progress photos week by week in my final post.


To help me out food wise I’ve decided that the best way to continue sticking to my diet plan is to prepare meals in advance and store them away in the freezer and fridge. By doing this i am less likely to eat rubbish through pure laziness. If it’s already prepared and cooked then I have no excuse. I plan to make some healthy snacks and smoothies along the way too. Eek!

Above is the selection of health foods I picked up from Tesco’s today. Tomorrows day off is going to be spent preparing and creating some yummy healthy meals that will keep me going all week. I’ll ensure to upload as many meal’s and a how to guide as regularly as possible!

To keep updated on my progress, meals and overall feelings of participating in the Bear Strength Conditioning and Performance Challenge then you can follow me on all my social media pages;




I’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Darren and everyone at Bear Strength Conditioning and Performance for choosing me to take part in this awesome challenge. I can’t wait to get started!

Also, I’ll soon be offering one very lucky reader the chance to WIN a 30 minute one on one fitness MOT session with the man himself, through my social media pages, at his gym in Ancoats, Manchester! Plus, I’ll be adding in a little something myself. So stay tuned and keep updated!

Wish me luck!

Sincerely, Sophie x