A few weeks ago, on a Friday night, I was invited, along with a few other bloggers, Steff, Amber and Lisa, to the launch of The Milton Club’s Limitless night. With the promise of canapés, a great DJ and Limitless Cocktails, how could I refuse?


Now, if you are a regular reader of Sincerely Sophie, you will remember that I did a post a few months back on The Milton Club (If you didn’t read it then you can find it here!) and it’s amazing Cocktails.

I knew from experience that The Milton Club was a very classy and sophisticated place and with it also being a members club, wealthy socialites and business men and women could be found partying there on a weekend. So, deciding on what to wear was top of my list. Should I go dressed up and put on a dress and heels? Or should I go more casual and wear my best jeans and a nice top? After talking to a few other bloggers, we decided to go smart casual. I opted for black skinny’s, with a white neck-cuffed top, black strappy heels and finished of with a black tasselled clutch bag and dark pink lipstick. I felt ready to party!

As a few of the bloggers lived near me, we decided to get the train into Deansgate, Manchester together. We arrived a little before 8pm where we were met by a forming que of party-goers ready for the Limitless Launch. Before i go any further, let me tell you a little about ‘Limitless’ and what it actually is…

So, you’re with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night, getting ready to hit the town and cause some trouble (all good of course!). What do you tend to do?…..you pre-drink obviously! I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t start the night of with a glass of wine at home whilst getting ready. Well, The Milton Club have put their own spin on ‘Pre-Drinking’ and they came up with Limitless. A 2-hour, pre-night out experience. This experience includes Limitless drinks from their menu which includes both wine and prossecco, as well as spirits and beer too! Plus, a beautiful selection of canapés and nibbles, plus their in-house DJ! And how much does this pretty awesome experience cost I hear you say? Just £20 per person. How amazing is that! So, just to recap, that’s LIMITLESS alcohol AND food!! 

** Of course, gaining an exclusive invite to the Limitless launch night meant we didn’t need to pay for our Limitless Experience. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. **


When we entered The Milton Club, we were once again met by some young, smartly dressed girls who took our names and our coats and showed us into the bar area where we were told what the night would entail. This is where we met Siobhan again, a fellow blogger and the marketing assistant of The Milton Club, along with her boyfriend, Rob. Siobhan is also the Marketing Assistant for Dive, NQ (another restaurant and bar that we were lucky enough to gain an exclusive invite to!) and we have worked with her a few times in the past also. She’s lovely!


We decided to order our first Cocktail from the Limitless menu. I ordered the Cointreau Fizz, a very zesty and summary cocktail that I enjoyed very much. So much so, I had 3 of them! It was great chatting to everyone and talking about upcoming events at The Milton Club, as well as other future blogging events we were attending. Sometimes, it’s nice to chat to people who totally understand the world of blogging and who you can have your little geeky blogging conversations with too!



Around half 8, the impressive selection of canapés and nibbles were laid out and I just couldn’t contain myself. Everything just looked amazing! They even had miniature desserts! My favourite had to be the pate and onion chutney on crackers and the goats cheese canapés. Unfortunately, I had eaten tea before leaving the house so I wasn’t that hungry, but from the amount of food I saw on everyone’s plates, I guess the food was as amazing as it looked!







Throughout the night, I ordered a few glasses of Prossecco and a Bramble Cocktail also. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too keen on this cocktail as it contained gin and I’m not a huge lover of it, but from Lisa’s reaction, she loved it! Despite wanting to try everything on the menu, I just couldn’t. I’m not a huge drinker myself so I decided to stop after the 7th drink. If however, you are a big drinker and you enjoy a tipple or two, then I’d highly recommend attending Limitless at The Milton Club for your next night out. As much food and drink as you can handle in the space of 2 hours for £20 is so worth your money !

However, despite all this, the highlight of my night had to be seeing Ibrahim again. He was our Cocktail Masterclass teacher the last time we visited The Milton Club. We hadn’t seen him all night but just before we were leaving we bumped into him at the bar and he knew us straight away! He even came running round to us and gave us a hug. He then showed us our Polaroid photo from the cocktail masterclass night that we had gave him as a thank you. If that’s not awesome then I don’t know what is!


We had to leave around half 10 to get our train back home but I could have carried on partying all night! I’d say the Limitless Launch Night was a huge success and everything looked amazing, as you can see from the professional photos from the night. I’d encourage everyone to visit The Milton Club. It’s definitely an experience and a great way to start…or end the night! They even offer a concierge service to it’s members, which include car collections and reservations with their partnered venues. How awesome is that! You can find details on how to become a member here!

I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to Siobhan, Ibrahim (The best barman!) and all the staff at The Milton Club for an amazing night! We all had so much fun!

Limitless is on from 8pm – 10pm EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT at The Milton Club, Deansgate, Manchester. If you and your friends do decide to go then please let me know! I’d love to hear about your night!

Sincerely, Sophie x