Like most girls, getting my hair done is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things to do. You always feel that little bit better knowing that your hair has been pampered by the professionals.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Hannah at Pin it up Hair & Beauty Bar. She told me that she wanted to invite a blogger into the salon for a full ‘Pin it up’ experience. I jumped at the chance! Last Friday, we arranged an appointment and I was told that I’d be treated to a wash, blow dry and style.

Currently, I live in Chorley and although I do drive, I don’t yet have a car. So getting to the Salon in Droylsden meant a half hour train journey and a short trip on the met from Manchester City Centre. I’m not usually one to worry about getting to and from places via public transport, so my trip to Droylsden was no different. The only thing I struggled with was getting off at the wrong Tram stop. Luckily (Thanks to Google Maps), I realised early on and only missed the one stop. Unfortunately, the weather was rubbish and put a little dampener to my mood before I arrived. However, pushing open the door to Pin it up Hair & Beauty Bar, I was greeted with the warmest welcome from Sarah and Georgia. They were both so bubbly and excited to see me and my bad mood quickly faded away.

My first impression of the Salon was that it was such a girly and inviting place. The bright pink shop front made it impossible for anybody to miss. The candy striped wall paper, the lace curtains draped to one side of the windows and the beautiful chandelier that hung from the ceiling all added to the charm.


After giving the girls my name, I was asked to take a seat in the waiting area and offered a drink. I opted for blackcurrant juice as I’m not being a tea or coffee drinker. One thing I always judge a salon on is their reading material. As much as I love flicking through the hairstyle magazines whilst I’m waiting, I do prefer looking at fashion magazines. And I was very pleased to see copies of Cosmopolitan, Heat and Glamour. So there I was, sitting quietly reading a copy of Glamour, sipping my blackcurrant juice and listening to KissFM in the background.


I didn’t have to wait long. Within 5 minutes, I was placing my handbag and coat in the gorgeous Victorian wardrobe and taking a seat at the sink ready to have my hair washed. Now, I’m not very knowledgable when it comes to using products on my hair, but I remember I had a treatment put on by the brand Sexy Hair. All I know is that my hair smelt very zesty, oranges to be exact, and I loved it! I was also given a lovely head massage too!


I then took a seat in front of the mirror, ready for my hair to be blow dried and styled. I was asked how I usually styled my hair and If I wanted any other extra products used on my hair such as a de-tangler. I opted for that knowing how knotty my hair can get after being washed. I was then asked if I had any preference to styling? I asked for curls and Sarah recommended I try to ‘brush curl’ technique which involved my hair being curled whilst blow dried and left in a brush for a few minutes, until then taking the brush out and being left with full, bouncy curls. I was excited to see the outcome.


After around half an hour, my hair was complete! I was super impressed with the curls and the ‘brush curl’ technique that if I had time every morning to do this then I would, but unfortunately I don’t have the patience nor the brushes to do so. Damn!

My hair felt so smooth and the curls looked amazing! My hair felt thicker and fresher and it smelt awesome! Here is the finished product;


I’d highly recommend Pin it up Hair & Beauty Bar to my fellow female friends and readers. The service and treatment are highly applaudable and the relaxed atmosphere is super. Pin it up is located on Manchester Road, Droylsden. Just on the outskirts of Manchester. If you were coming to the salon via tram then it’d be the Ashton tram you’d need to get, getting of at Cemetery Road Met Station. It’s around a 20 minute journey from the centre of Manchester.


They also have loyalty cards available to their customers too! For those of you don’t know what this means, you are given a loyalty card upon your first visit to the salon and with every visit after that you receive a stamp on your loyalty card. Once you have earned 10 stamps, you are given a free blow dry. Then, once 15 stamps are earned, you get a FREE COLOUR!! How amazing is that! For any women that do colour their hair, you’ll know just how expensive a colour can be! So pick one up on your next visit to Pin it up Hair & Beauty Bar and start collecting now!


If that’s not enough to entice you, they also have a fantastic in-house make-up artist named Danielle! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Danielle on the day I went to the salon, but the girls couldn’t recommend her enough and from the photos on their Facebook page, she’s pretty amazing! She also offers one-to-one make-up lessons for £50 that can be booked evenings and Sundays. What’s more, you can book in both your hair and make-up together as a package. Perfect for special occasions, festivals and nights out. It’s your one stop shop to looking like you’ve just stepped of a catwalk!


*Although my wash, blow dry and style were provided FOC, my views are all my own*

If you’d like to book an appointment with Pin it up for both hair or make-up then you can call them on 0161 371 8490 or visit their Facebook page here!

I’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to the girls at Pin it up Hair & Beauty Bar for an amazing experience and my beautiful hair. I received so many wonderful comments. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Sophie x