Summer. What happened? Where did it go? I don’t know about you, but Summer just seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. One minute it was all festivals & glamping, BBQ’s with the family and a drink in the local after a long and sweaty day at work; And now, it’s hot chocolate by the fire, fluffy socks to bed and making a start on the Christmas shopping (Oh no, I said the dreaded ‘C’ word). Yes, Summer is well and truly over.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time over summer to blog and for that I do apologise. But, believe me when I say to you, I just literally haven’t had the time. Sometimes life gets a little too hectic. However, I managed to get some awesome snaps over summer and hopefully, this will explain why I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately;

At the start of this year, I gave myself a pep talk and decided that I needed to become a more positive person. For my health if nothing more. I was going to grab life in my hands and make something of myself. At the time, I was stuck in a job that I didn’t like (Sales…I’ll say no more), I had no money or ambition and just felt very sh*t about myself. 2015 hadn’t been my best year and I knew that I couldn’t go through another year like that again. So, come January, I built up the strength and courage I needed to do something about it. I applied for a job. Actually, I applied for a few and I had many interviews aswell. I made a very daring move and applied for a Cabin Crew position with a popular airline. After a few weeks and many interviews I GOT THE JOB! Things were finally beginning to look up. I went into my old job, handed in my resignation and began training as Cabin Crew a few weeks later. It was amazing. Honestly, one of the best times in my life. I loved every second of it and I met some of the most wonderful, ambitious and fun people ever! I even shed a little tear when the 4 week training had finished. Now, I’m working in the sky at 36,000ft and it’s amazing!! Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s tough moments and there are times I want to scream and cry but it’s one of my greatest achievements and a company I’m really proud to be a part of!g

A dream of mine has ALWAYS been to travel America. I’ve been obsessed with the place for too many years now! So, when me and 2 friends got together and discussed the possibility, we soon found ourselves sat at the desk in a travel agents, booking tickets for a 3-month trip next year! I still can’t believe it’s actually happening and that we’re going to be driving down Route 66! WTF? I go January 2nd 2017, so not long off. I am the envy of many at the moment! I’m so excited, a little nervous, but my mind is brimming with ideas and the amazing adventures ahead! I’ll be keeping you all updated on the blog and all my social media too; ¬†c

Another major thing that happened over summer…I went blonde! A decision I’ve been toying with for a while now. Over 12 months at least. I’ve been brunette all my life, only having started dip-dying my hair a few years ago. Gradually, over the years, my dip-dye has made its way higher and higher, but earlier this year I decided to be brave and take the plunge. My sister is a blondie, although technically, she’s a very light brown but her logic is that as she was a blonde haired child, she should be blonde now as a young woman…I’ll leave you to decide what to make of that. We get told that we look like each other, so obviously I was a little dubious at first as I didn’t want to look like her twin, but I cast all doubts aside and became a blondie. I loved life as a blonde over summer. I had so much fun and I definitely got a lot more attention. But, all good things come to an end and maintaining the colour to avoid roots became too much, so now I’m back brunette! Maybe I’ll try again next summer…fAfter having such a successful and positive year, something bad had to break it up. Unfortunately, my Grandma passed away in her sleep on the 12th August. We knew it was coming, we just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Luckily, we spent the day before with her and I told her how much I loved her. I fed her Ice-cream and watched her dance with my mum despite being frail and weak. It was lovely to see. I miss her more and more each day but I’m happy that she’s finally at peace. She went through so much heartbreak and illness in her life. I just hope she’s looking down on me and that I’m making her proud.b

My 24th birthday was in September. Along with my friend Amber, whose birthday is the day after mine, we decided to go on a Spa day. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. We went to The Woodland Spa which is this amazing water based Spa in Blackburn. The interior is stunning! I was lost for words. Although I was ill and feeling like sh*t, I did manage to pose for a few shots. We also had food included with our package which we ate in the restaurant at the end of the day. It was one of the most relaxing and chilled out days of my life. I will definitely be booking in another Spa day there soon. It might even become a birthday tradition.¬†aFinally,¬†something to complete my summer, I met a guy! Yay! He’s called Dave and he’s great! We’ve been together nearly 2 months now, officially, and things are amazing! (Permanent Smile Syndrome).h

…and that just about sums up my Summer. Again, apologies for not being active on the blog but I promise to keep on top of it from now on. I have so many new and exciting posts coming your way! Thank you for all your kind messages, comments, love and support. You’re the best!

I hope your summer was just as great?!

Sincerely Sophie x