| Blogmas Series | Day 1 |

Hello December. Hello the lead up to Christmas. The countdown really has begun. Cue the Christmas songs, the stacks of mince pies at the supermarkets and the last-minute Christmas shoppers. December is quite possibly the busiest, most stressful yet most amazing month of the year. It’s definitely my favourite!

Personally, what I love most about Christmas is the lead up and preparation;

Christmas Shopping                                                               

Except for this year, usually I know exactly what gifts to get for my family and friends. I find Christmas shopping one of my favourite things to do. Buying presents and coming up with great gift ideas is something I pride myself in. Seeing the reactions on everyones faces is what I love most. As I’ve said before, I’m more of a giver than a receiver. But, this year I’m really struggling with what to get people. I go travelling on the 2nd January and I’ve been trying to save as much money as possible, so this year I won’t be spending as much money as I normally do. However, I have promised them a few gifts from America to make up for the lack of presents at Christmas.



There is nothing better than seeing a christmas tree sat in your home all decorated with baubles and twinkly lights. Stockings by the fireplace and christmas bunting hanging on the fireplace. The pub I work at is so festive and pretty, I literally love working there at the moment, even if it can get pretty stressful around this time of the year.


In other words, drinking yourself silly at the work’s christmas party and making a fool of yourself in front of the boss…then getting away with it because its christmas and if we can’t let our hair down at christmas then when can we?


TV, Films & Adverts

The Holiday, Elf, Text Santa, TV Specials of our favourite soaps and programmes, Home Alone, the Coca-Cola advert, John Lewis and this year, M&S has made its way to the top of my favourite christmas advert list. I was in tears the first time I watched it! I actually have a great post lined up involving christmas films, so keep an eye out!


Turkey, Potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, Chocolate, Pringle’s, Wine, Prossecco. My taste buds are watering just thinking about it all. i also love eating left over turkey and apple sauce sandwiches on christmas day evening and having enough food left over for days after to feed the five thousand. Christmas is also a time where those extra few pounds of weight gain is expected!

Family & Friends

Christmas is a time to celebrate all the most amazing people in your life. A chance to catch up with people you don’t see for months on end. In the last 2 years, I’ve lost two very important people in my family. Two people who were role models to me, both now and growing up. Losing them has left a massive hole in my heart and an even bigger hole in our family. Growing up, Christmas consisted of waking up around 7am and opening our presents. We’d then get dressed in our new clothes we’d been given and pack up the car with presents for the rest of the family and our new toys. We’d then head over to one set of grandparents house (alternated every year), spend a few hours there opening presents and snacking on nibbles and then head over to the other set of grandparents for Christmas dinner and more presents. We’d then end christmas day playing with our new toys, playing games and watching TV. I’d do anything to go back to Christmases like that. I would do anything for one more christmas with everyone around the table that I love the most.


As Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, I want to share even more festive spirit. So, I decided to ask a few other fellow bloggers what their favourite thing about Christmas is;

Rebecca Green at www.beckyvworld.wordpress.com Pigs in blankets and all the good films that are always on tv. The ones you forget about till they’re on and you remember how much you love them. Oh and no work!

Jenny Ho at www.hellojennyho.com I love the christmas markets, it gets me into the Christmas spirit. The aroma of notated nuts, spiced cider and of course the german sausages – YUM!

Lisa Valentine at www.thatbritishbetty.com The food! I love sprouts, cinnamon, turkey, mulled wine – the lot!

Meg Ferguson at www.gracey-meg.blogspot.co.uk I love everything to be honest but love actually seeing people opening the presents I’ve got them because I like to put a lot of thought into it. I also like spending time with my friends and family and obviously all the good booze! 

Carley Phillips at www.hicarlymarie.com I love having my huge Christmas dinner, followed by a few drinks whilst slumping on the sofa in my PJs, slippers and dressing gown (Full food-coma mod!!) watching The Royal Family Christmas Special – nothing beats that!

Camille Thiebaut at www.camille-in-the-move.com Hey I personally love all the preparation of christmas day, when you decorate and prepare all the food few hours before everyone arrive. Start eating a bit of cakes and drinking just a bit of wine with some christmas music. I defo can’t wait for some delicious gingerbread!!

Shaun Dickson at www.hishabits.co.uk I actually love the wrapping of presents. Perfect opportunity to get creative and be challenged at the same time. Plus, it makes the bottom of the tree look great!

Nicola Bromley at www.fortheloveofjars.com OMG what’s not to love! I particularly like the decorating and the days out with the family – trips to see Santa, Ice skating, lights switch ons! It’s definitely a time for family and friends!

Angela Kate Webster at www.cosmickkick.com My favourite part of Christmas is the stocking! My Mum still makes me and my Sisters up a stocking when she can (it’s getting silly. I’m 32 now!). It was the most magical thing as a child: Forcing myself to go to sleep and so I could wake up to a gift filled stocking appearing at the end of my bed. It was irrefutable proof to me that Santa had popped by.

Helen Beech at lovesandloathesuk.com I like Christmas Eve and going to the church service, I like brass bands playing carols, I like opening stocking on Christmas morning in bed, cooking dinner, having bubbly or a cheeky sherry!

Victoria Morris at www.theimprovingcook.com I love the cooking at Christmas. Not the Christmas dinner, which is my mum’s domain and amazing it is too, but all the related cooking. I love making truffles, home-made mince pies, ginger cake and so on. Spending time in the kitchen with my Christmas apron on and Christmas music playing makes me so happy! I really love seeing everyone tucking in to what I have made too.

Rachael Anne Divers at www.rachaeldivers.com One of my favourite parts which has been a tradition since I was a child was to get up early hours and check my stocking that’s always hanging on my door or end of the bed, then going and crashing my parents bed shouting ‘he’s been!’ to open the stockings presents with them and having a cup of tea before we all get up and go unwrap the family presents. I love the whole excitement of it and magic of it all. I’m 28!! If this changed, I’d be seriously gutted, it’s tradition! I love how happy everybody is and how we all spend the whole day together, something that never happens unless it’s Christmas.

Hollie Gregersen at www.thriftymum.com We’ve only had one Christmas so far with our son but fetching him through to snuggle up in our bed whilst we open our stockings was my new favourite bit. This year we’re introducing a family Christmas Eve box too. Making these new traditions with our new additions is the best!

Sian Thomas at www.rebelangel.co.uk The scents of Christmas are my favourite – I’m holding off lighting my Christmas candles still, but it won’t be long before they’re out again! Everything from gingerbread and spices in mulled wine to pine trees and even the smell of fresh snow (even if I don’t like the cold!) bring back happy Christmas memories.

If that doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit then I don’t know what will!

Until tomorrow,

Sincerely Sophie x

* I have decided to take part in the ‘Blogmas’ series. This means posting something everyday to do with the run up to Christmas. This can be anything from gift ideas to christmas recipes and beyond. So wish me luck as I attempt to post something christmas related every day for the next 24 days! *

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