Blogmas | Day 5

Kids are quite possibly, in my opinion, the easiest to buy for. The latest gadget or the coolest toy and they’re happy. But what do you get for the kid that has everything? Hopefully, my ideas can help you out a little…

Magnetic Dart Board | £6.00

It’ll keep the children quiet for a few hours without the risk of injury. This is a great game for the whole family, not just the kids! | |img_2796

Wild Science Bath Bomb Studio | £15.00

This is a great gift for little girls who like to get a little creative. I’d have loved this as a child. I was forever making perfume using petals from the garden…none of which ever smelt very nice. But, this bath bomb making kit is a little more professional and fun to do. Create 4 amazing smelling bath bombs to make bath time a little bit more exciting! | |img_2800

RED5 The Micro Drone V2 | £24.99

We all know how the ‘drone’ is sweeping the nation and if you didn’t, then where have you ben these past few months! This micro drone has 4 channel movements and the built in gyro can perform 360 tricks! How awesome is that! | |img_2798

Universe of Imagination Country Mansion Table Top Doll House | £34.99

The perfect gift for young girls! When I was a little girl, all I wanted was a dolls house. My best friend had an amazing one at her house that I loved to play with. I remember getting one for Christmas one year and it still is to this day, one of my favourite presents I’ve ever received! I can guarantee that this would put a smile on any little girls face! | |img_2797

Family Entry to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! | £44.00

This is something to feed those young and eager minds, thirsty for knowledge. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is located in the centre of London, at the infamous Piccadilly Circus and is a fantastic day out for the entire family! This special offer is priced at £44.00 for a family of 4. So, if your child, or the child in mind, loves all things weird and wonderful, this is guaranteed the perfect gift for them! | |


There’s a few ideas to get you started!

Sincerely, Sophie x