Blogmas | Day 6


Christmas shopping can be a nightmare for anyone. If it’s not the crowds and queue’s then it’s the expense. It’s crazy how we spend so much money on one day, but then I guess that’s the tradition we choose to be a part of every year. And if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t change it.

However, there is ways around not having to spend so much money on Christmas and those present’s you’ve promised loved ones;

10%, 20%, 25%, 50% and even 75% Sales

I can vouch for a few places that have these regular sales, Boohoo, House of Frazer, Misguided and Debenhams all currently have sales online and in store at the moment. So if your mum has been asking about those boots, take a look online first. I tend to live on ShopStyle at the moment. I like to type in the search box the type of product I’m after and filter my selection from there. Honestly, that website is a godsend!

Black Friday 

Black Friday happens every year, usually the start of December and offers a wide selection of both electronic, fashion and homeware choices at discounted prices. Black Friday is supposed to last just one day, but many people like to continue the event all weekend, and in some cases, throughout the following week too. eBay and Amazon are the biggest company’s that like to get involved every year. So, if you are after that camera for your dad, Black Friday is the day to do it! Also, I’d just add, is a great website to look on for companies that are taking part in Black Friday.


I’ve found in recent years, that many high street shops like to have little sales around September to October time. I’m guessing this is down to early Christmas deals or a change of season fashion, but it’s a great time to start the Christmas shopping. Next year, keep an eye out and you’ll see what I mean.

Christmas Eve

If you know exactly what to get someone and you’ll have the time and patience to brave the shops on Christmas Eve, then by all means, I’d advise you to do that. Many of the ‘Boxing Day’ sales start on Christmas Eve, which means great savings on presents you might be wanting to get. Supermarkets, High street stores and online shops all like to take part in the sales a little earlier, so keep an eye out!

B&M, Aldi, Lidl

I’d highly recommend these stores for your Turkey dinners and festive treats this year. Massive savings on branded products, alcohol and chocolate. You can feed the entire family for under £15!

Getting rid of Unwanted Things around the House

TV in your bedroom that you don’t use? The new dress doesn’t fit and you’ve missed the cut off date to return? Sell it. Sell it all. Doing this in November/December is the best time as people WILL be looking for presents, even if it is second-hand. So long as what you’re selling is in good condition and full working order then do it! That extra money could go towards a certain present you’ve been unable to afford or extra alcohol on Christmas day.

Got a Skill?

Do you have a skill? Sewing, Crafts, Photography? If so, then give it a go. I’ve made an extra £100 on photo shoots so far. If you can create something pretty awesome then make a little money out of it before Christmas. Advertise through friends and family and over Facebook and see what happens. Good Luck!

Martin Lewis

This man might irritate me at times but I can’t fault his help and guidance. If you are after money-saving tips over Christmas, or at any point in the year, then take a look on his website

I hope this helps you out a little and any money worries you had aren’t as scary now. I’d just recommend that you take a look around. Online or in stores.

You might even be surprised by how much you could actually save!

Sincerely, Sophie x