Blogmas | Day 9

So, we are now on the 9th of December, that’s 9 days into Blogmas…Where has the time gone? Christmas Day is in just SIXTEEN DAYS and I’m not even half way through my Christmas shopping! Oops. However, I am keeping, very much, up to date with Blogmas. Every cloud and all that. Although, I’ll admit, thinking up different post ideas relating to Christmas is proving a little harder than I first thought. So, this is where I ask, If you, my readers, have any ideas on posts you’d like to read, then please let me know!

Today’s post is going to be ‘The Christmas Tag’, this means answering some fun questions relating to Christmas. Here it goes…;

Favourite Christmas Movie | That’s either between Home Alone, Elf and The Holiday. Oh, and Love Actually!

Favourite Christmas Song |  ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey. I also like her version with Justin Bieber and Fifth Harmony have also recorded and released their own version which is pretty sweet.

Favourite Festive Food | Pigs in Blankets without a doubt and drinking bucks fizz on Christmas morning.

Favourite Smell of Christmas | Real Christmas Tree’s. We’ve has a fake tree at home for around 7 years maybe now and I really do miss having the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, a fake tree is good for its perfect ‘Christmas Tree’ shape and my OCD, but, there’s something beautiful about a real tree and it’s quirkiness.

Favourite Thing About Christmas | The run-up. The Markets, the light switch on’s, the shopping, the food, the films, the TV. I love it all. The atmosphere is always amazing!

What Tops Your Tree | A star. We used to have a fairy that my mum made years and years ago and she’d always sit on the top of the tree every year when we were kids. We’d come downstairs on mornings before Christmas and she’d have moved a little. Mum and Dad always told us that she’d flown off to Santa in the night and told him if we’d been good. I still remember that excited feeling I got when I’d realised that she’d moved.

Christmas Eve Traditions | Now that me, my sister and brother have passed that stage of Christmas being all about presents and because we’re also old enough to drink, we spend Christmas Eve down the local pub. My dad is the resident DJ, so he will put music on and we all get merry with the regulars. It’s fun. Although, this year, I’ll be working both Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day so they’ll be no hard-core drinking for me this year. Orange Juice all the way. Sad face.

For Christmas This Year, I’d Like… | My boyfriend to come home. Jokes. This won’t happen as he’s working away and I know he can’t get time off. We’ll have to make up for it when he comes back in April. I would like a Watch though, Michael Kors or Olivia Burton and some Dollars for my travels to America in a few weeks time. I’d also like to spend Christmas day with the family, not working, but again, that’s not going to happen.

What about you?

Sincerely, Sophie x