Blogmas | Day 10To me, Christmas movies make Christmas. Without them, the lead up and Christmas Day wouldn’t be half as fun! I’ve watched so many films over the years, but Christmas films are always my favourite. I’m also a big fan of the cheesy, romantic, festive movies on the Hallmark Channel. I’ve probably watched them all!

However, I’ve set myself the task of picking my Top 10. It was a tough one but I think I’ve finally put them into the right order. Let’s see;

10 | The Grinch

9 | Polar Express

8 | Jingle All The Way

7 | Santa Clause

6 | Guess Who’s Coming to Town

5 | Just Friends

4 | Love Actually

3 | The Holiday

2 | Elf

1| Home Alone

Each film holds some sort of memory. Home alone, I’ve watched every year since I was a child, Just Friends is one of those films me and my sister can quote word for word and Love Actually just gets me every time. I absolutely adore Hugh Grant’s character, PLUS it features appearances from Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick from The Walking Dead!

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Sincerely, Sophie x