Blogmas | Day 11

Yesterday, I took a little trip to Botany Bay with my mum. She wanted to see the famous ‘Christmas Floor’ that they open every year and despite having been twice myself so far, I jumped at the chance of a third visit!

Botany Bay never disappoint with there Christmas decor and this year was no different. Twinkly lights, fake snow and even more sparkle, they improve the design every time, year after year!

If you haven’t been to Botany Bay before then I’d highly recommend it if you live in the North or if you’re planning to head this way. Not only does it host an amazing Christmas floor but there’s also 2 cafes, an amazing sweet shop, floor after floor of furniture, clothing and gifts, plus, a retro amusement room too! Situated at Junction 8 of the M61 and sitting on part of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, It’s a great day out for the whole family!

One thing I will say is don’t go on a Saturday in December. It’s so busy! Trying to get a few photos without drawing any attention was very hard. I struggled to get certain shots I really wanted because of it being so busy. But, here’s what I did get;

 We also decided to get a little snack to walk round with. Everytime I visit Botany Bay, anytime in the year, I like to get one of the red onion and cheese square bread buns from the bakery. They are AMAZING!!

I also fell in love with this Yankee Candle. Berry Trifle. Oh my god. It smells beautiful!!! If I could afford to buy the entire shelf and fill my room with all these candles then I would.

So, if you’re feeling pretty festive and looking for a good day out then I’d highly recommend Botany Bay!

Sincerely, Sophie x