Blogmas | Day 13

Taking part in Blogmas, so far, has been fab! And more importantly, I’ve kept up to date and posted everyday of December! Yay! Well done to me.

I won’t pretend it’s been easy though. I’ve been struggling a little with what interesting content I can use, as well as what I can write. Then, I’ve been trying to use as much of my own photography as possible. It’s been hard, but enjoyable also. It’s definitely made December pass super quick. I can’t believe we’re already on the 13th!

For today’s post, I decided to share with you my Five Favourite Festive Bloggers this year. These are both Bloggers and Vloggers that I’ve been keeping up to date with and following on social media. These guys have been spurring me on when I’ve felt like giving up and they don’t even know it. So a huge ‘Thanks’ to you all!

Mostly Megan | I came across Mostly Megan when I was on YouTube a few weeks back. I was drawn in by her bubbly personality, her sense of humour and the similarities between us both. She lives in the North also! Her videos are really cool, really quirky and funny to watch. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she has amazing vocal talent and her videos are real. She shops at high street shops and offers affordable style and beauty advice. She’s inspired me to think about starting a Vlog in the future also. You can check her out here;

Zoella | A few years back, when Zoella first found fame with Vlogging, I wasn’t a fan. I found some of her videos annoying and a little irritating at times, so I stopped watching them. Fast forward a few years later, and I’ve recently started watching them again. I’m loving her ‘Vlogmas’ series at the moment and how every video is different. She’s definitely changed from how she used to be and I’m loving her make-up free face clips too. I’m definitely falling back in love with Zoella.

Louise Rose Railton | Again, this is a blog that I’ve recently discovered and I love it. Her Blogmas post idea’s are great and I enjoy reading every one of them. I love how girly her blog is too and how interesting each post is. She’s from York and again, she is very down to earth. I love finding bloggers that not many people know about and watching them blossom with each post. You can discover her here;

Beautylymin | This is a blog I like to read as often as possible. It features some great reviews and some fab make-up and beauty advice. The writer of Beautylymin is named Siobhan, she’s based in Ireland and uses the blog as a distraction from her illness and treatment with Chronic Lyme Disease. A real inspiration. There is also an awesome giveaway over on at the moment too, with prizes such as FlowerBomb by Viktor & Rolf, Divine Decadence by Marc Jacobs and Gucci Bamboo. Go and check that out!

Tanya Burr | I love love love Tanya Burr. I think she’s amazing at what she does! I bought her first beauty/autobiography book and I loved learning all about her and how she got into blogging and Vlogging. She’s so natural and despite her fame, she’s still so down to earth. I think I relate to her also because her beauty regime and style is very similar to mine. You can watch her Vlogmas videos here;

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Sincerely, Sophie x