Blogmas | Day 16

Today, I went out into my hometown to experience the ‘Winter Wonderland in Chorley’.

What is this Winter Wonderland in Chorley I hear you ask? For the first time ever, Chorley have introduced a 60ft by 40ft real ice rink for the festive period. As well as this, there is a selection of food, drink and gift stalls, small fairground rides and an amazing tipi experience.

I got into Chorley around half 4 and met up with my friend Steff from We headed straight to the ‘Winter Wonderland’ and took a look around. The Ice Rink looks amazing! It features real Ice, music, lights and a disco ball! It was quite busy but all I saw were huge smiles on everyones faces and the odd giggle as bums hit the ice. The Ice Rink is sponsored by Market Walk, Botany Bay and FI Real Estate Management. ​

We headed for the tipis. As I got inside, I was stopped in my tracks at the beauty if these tipis. If you’ve been into a tipi before, you’ll understand. But, if you haven’t then you need to go to one. Like now! The tipis were decorated with fairy lights, pine garland, wooden flooring and beautiful wooden benches. There is a bar situated at the back of the tipis with different choices of festive drinks, such as, Mulled Wine, Mulled Cider, Spiced Plum Cider etc. I decided to try the Mulled Cider and Spiced Plum Cider. I have a sweet tooth.As we sat back and relaxed, festive drinks in hand, talk turned to having a tipi at our Wedding’s. In fact, I heard many girls say “I’m having this for my wedding”. It’s just a beautiful, intimate choice. I was also shocked at how warm it was inside too! If you’d like more details on Betty’s Tipis, you can find their website here!

We left around half 8, just in time for the Christmas parties to arrive.

I absolutely loved the Winter Wonderland in Chorley and my first ‘Tipi Experience’. I even went Facebook live for the first time ever! I’d definitely recommend attending the Winter Wonderland over the festive period. You can find the opening hours here;If you do get chance to go, Enjoy!

Sincerely, Sophie x