Blogmas | Day 17

 How many of you have taken part in Secret Santa this year? And, how many of you struggled with ideas?

I took part in this years Secret Santa at the local pub I’m working at over Christmas and I was given a woman, that I don’t really talk to. I don’t have a clue what she likes and what she dislikes either. It’s fair to say, I struggled a little this year. But, not to be defeated, I wanted to get something good. It’s easy to buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket or a box of chocolates, but, I like to buy for the person. I like to buy presents that I know the person will use. And that’s with everyone I buy for.

So, I did my research. I studied this person’s profile on Facebook, and discovered a few things she likes. I realised that she liked a lot of TV, mostly stuff I watch too and that her taste in men is similar to mine.

With a £5 limit, my choices were a little tricky. But, after a few minutes thinking, it came to me. I knew what I was going to get her;

A Hunks Calendar! I hope she loves this as much as I love the idea. It cost me £3.95 and I ordered it from Amazon. What’s great about this gift aswell is that it lasts all year. For a whole 12 months. And who doesn’t need a calendar! Plus, it’s not too bad to look at and there’s a man to suit every woman haha. Mr September is a personal favourite. You can find the calendar here;

Because I had a little money left over, I decided to get her something a little sweet. So, I found these jelly beans in Superdrug. I absolutely love the design and it’s so christmassy. I’m also a little crazy about the writing too.

I’m so happy with myself and my Secret Santa gifts. I hope she likes them too!

Have you taken part in Secret Santa this year? What did you buy?

Sincerely, Sophie x