Blogmas | Day 18

This year, at the local pub I work at, we had a Christmas Toy Appeal. Apparently, it was such a success last year that they decided to do it all again this year. And to make it fun, they put the name of age of a child onto a tag and hung it on the Christmas Tree. Customers and staff were then allowed to choose a tag from the tree and buy a present suitable for that child. The Christmas Toy Appeal has been created by the charity Care for Kids.

When I went to pick my tag from the tree, I was surprised by how many tags there were. Each tag represents one child in need of a gift this Christmas, no matter how big or small. As I was choosing my tag, I came across babies, young boys and girls and teenagers. Originally, I was going to choose a baby or young child, but I thought for a moment. I know that many people will go for the young children and babies because they are a little easier to buy for. After a few seconds, I decided I’d choose a teenager.

I found a girl named Katie, aged 14. I chose Katie because that’s my sisters name and I’m one of those people who looks for ‘signs’ in everything they do. I then looked at the tag next to Katie’s and found a girl named Sophie. My name! She was 12 years old. I decided to buy Sophie a gift too.

Unfortunately, this Christmas, I haven’t been able to spend as much on people as usual because of my travels to America in less than 2 weeks. I’ve had to set myself a limit this year and this meant doing the same with Katie and Sophie’s present too. So, I set a limit of £5. Some of you might think that’s a little cheap, but believe me, if I had the money, I’d have picked more than 2 children to buy for and spent a lot more on the gifts. Yes, being on a limit sucks!

What did I decide to buy I hear you ask? Well, I decided to think back to when I was around 12 and 14. What did I like? What was I into? Thinking back, it was around the time I ditched the ‘Chav’ look I used to like, the tracksuit pants tucked into socks look. Hideous, I know. But, for some unbeknown reason, it was the style back then. Anyway, I was just beginning to get into fashion and make-up. Taking pride in my appearance. Nowadays though, I’ve noticed children ageing much faster than me and my friends did at their age. So, I decided to get them a few beauty products.

With a £5 limit, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting a lot for my money, but, I was actually very shocked with the amazing choice available on the high street.

The first item I picked up was a bath bomb from Superdrug. The brand is called Flutter and it features a very cute puppy on the front. The bath bomb is baby pink in colour and comes in cute spotty packaging, finished off with a pink ribbon. Bath bombs have become very popular recently and there’s always a little excitement watching them dissolve in the bath. £1

My second beauty product that I included was a Sweet Snuggles lip balm set. I remember loving lip balms when I was younger and these funky christmassy ones are so cute. £1

The next item was a hand cream, again by a brand called Flutter, sold in Superdrug. I remember always having hand cream in my school bag and becoming a little obsessed using it during class. The design in beautiful. £1

My final item I added was something every girl loves. A bit of chocolate. This cute little reindeer is from Iceland and priced at £2. It looks very similar to Lindt. I won’t lie, it wasn’t until I got to the till that I realised it wasn’t. But, I’m sure it’ll taste just as good.

And I got all that for under £5. I love how cute and girly all the packaging is aswell. I just hope Sophie and Katie like their gifts as much as I do and that, wherever they are, I hope they both have the most amazing Christmas.

Sincerely, Sophie x