Blogmas | Day 22

My Creative Bloggers Secret Santa Gift finally came!!!

I was so excited when it arrived. The package was decorated with silver stars and came with the words ‘Do Not Bend’. Eek, super excited!

Now, I was going to put it under the tree with all the other presents and open it on Christmas Day, but, I just couldn’t wait. I’m not very patient, nor am I the greatest fan of surprises. If I know someone has got me a surprise, I have to know what it is then and there. It’s the surprises I don’t know and the ones that are sprung on me that I like most. So yeah, usually if I receive a present from a friend early and it’s put under the tree, it’s going to get opened before Christmas Day. Guaranteed.

As I sat there holding the parcel, my mind wondering what it could be, I felt something flat, hard and pretty much the same size as the envelope. I had a few ideas;

As I started unwrapping the parcel, my mind went into over drive.

I pulled out the contents and was met by one of the most prettiest, creative wrapping I’ve ever seen. Simple, yet very effective. Black and white squared paper, brown string and a candy cane. The wrapping also included the most beautiful, handmade card. I was so excited to unwrap the gifts.

The first gift I spotted, and the gift to buy (Minimum £3), was an Artful Organizer Vintage Camera to pop your pens, pencils and other stationary into. Made out of cardboard, you assemble the pieces to create the finished product. Easy to do and in under a minute it says. I love it! It’s so different and it will come in very handy. At the moment, my stationary is stored in a glass jam jar jug.

My second gift, and the handmade gift, was a Lino print that he had designed, carved and printed himself. It’s amazing! I absolutely adore it! Instantly, I knew the frame I’d pop it in and where I’d put it. The camera is amazing and looks identical to the one I use (Canon 6D). The bright yellow rays really brighten up the print too. Thank you so much Mike! It’s beautiful.

Finally, included was the card I mentioned earlier. Wow, I’ve never seen an envelope look so creative and pretty before. My name was put in the middle of a wreath and the detailing was beautiful. As I opened the envelope and pulled out the card, I found a stunning, handmade card. Inside the card, I found out that my Secret Santa was named Mike and he was the creative founder of The Crafty Gentleman.

The Crafty Gentleman is a craft and DIY blog aimed at both men and women. Created by Mike Aspinall, a super-talented, crafty gentleman who enjoys exploring new techniques, meeting other makers and sharing his inspirations with his readers. You can find him here;

Lastly, I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to both Mike for the wonderful gifts and to Lauren, who arranged the Creative Bloggers Secret Santa. It’s been great to be a part of it all and I’m so excited for next year! Merry Christmas to you both and a Creative 2017!

Sincerely Sophie x