Blogmas | Day 23

Wrapping is something that I actually enjoy doing and every year I like to make an effort going out and buying super cute paper with matching ribbon. I am a perfectionist at some things and wrapping is one of them.

This year, I’ve not had a lot of ‘Christmas Spirit’. Nor have I had much money, due to putting it all away for travelling. But, gift wrapping was the one aspect of Christmas that I want to continue. My gifts are anything but amazing this year, however, I feel a little better knowing they’re wrapped up in some beautiful paper.

So, and leaving the wrapping till the very last-minute, I headed out to a few supermarkets. I like to spend no more than £3 on a roll of paper, even less if possible, because at the end of the day, It is only wrapping paper. In the end, I decided to get my paper from Asda. I found it by the counter and instantly fell in love.

I’m in love with brown paper and have stuck with that theme for the past 2 years now, so I’m guessing this is what drew me in this time. The red foil christmas trees are really pretty and effective on the brown paper and give out a festive feel. At £2.00 a roll, I was sold!

I then decided to buy some red ribbon to go around the presents.

I’ve just finished wrapping them up and I’m super impressed with them. What do you think?

How’s your wrapping looking?

Sincerely Sophie x