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My name is Sophie and I’m a Photographer and Blogger. I live in a town called Chorley, with the nearest city being Manchester.

I left college in 2011, having studied Graphic Design and Photography. I started up my own Photography company, Little Photography Studio. I started blogging in August 2015 and now, I can’t imagine life without it! You can expect to read posts on Photography, Fashion, Beauty and Food…lot’s of it! There will also be the odd competition and sponsored post that you can get involved with too!

How can I become involved with Sincerely, Sophie?

I love discovering new businesses and getting to know fellow creatives!

What I love even more is developing long lasting friendships and relationships with other business owners and Entrepreneurs. And, if you feel that we can create and come up with something amazing together then get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

February Favourites

Ahh February, didn't you sneak up on us a little faster than expected. I can't believe we are already two months into 2017! This month, it's all about Valentines Day, a few birthday's and the official one month countdown before my boyfriend is home. Yay! But, aside...
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The American Dream

  As I may have mentioned, a few times, I've spent most of January travelling America. And before you say anything, Yes, I had intended on a three-month travel trip across America that would have taken me to many amazing places. But, for my own reasons, I had to cut...
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Goodbye 2016 | Hello 2017

If you were asked to re-live 2016 all over again, would you? Everyone has a different reflection on the year 2016. In hindsight, it has been a horrible year for Celebrity deaths. Losing David Bowie at the start of January, Prince in April, George Michael on Christmas...
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Blogmas | Thank you

Blogmas | Day 24 I've been a little bit naughty. I didn't post my final blogmas post on Christmas Eve...whoops. But, the lovely people that you are, I'm sure you'll all forgive me. Like most people, I spend Christmas Eve day running around like a headless chicken,...
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Blogmas | My Gift Wrapping

Blogmas | Day 23 Wrapping is something that I actually enjoy doing and every year I like to make an effort going out and buying super cute paper with matching ribbon. I am a perfectionist at some things and wrapping is one of them. This year, I've not had a lot of...
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Blogmas | Last-Minute Gift Idea’s

Blogmas | Day 21 Christmas is four days away. FOUR DAYS! I can't believe how fast December has gone! Now, everyone is panic buying the last of their Christmas shopping, including me. I know I say this every year, but next year I'm going to start my Christmas shopping...

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Blogmas | What to Watch this Christmas

Blogmas | Day 20 Christmas TV is one of the best things about the festive season. Settling down, after stuffing your face with Turkey and Mince Pies, to watch all the TV Christmas Specials and the films. Bliss. But what's on TV this Christmas? With the help of this...

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Blogmas | Creative Bloggers Secret Santa

Blogmas | Day 19 Being a small part of the blogging community is amazing. I get to meet and talk to so many new people, attend some amazing events and take part in some of the most amazing opportunities. One of these was this years 'Creative Bloggers Secret Santa'. A...

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Blogmas | Christmas Toy Appeal

Blogmas | Day 18 This year, at the local pub I work at, we had a Christmas Toy Appeal. Apparently, it was such a success last year that they decided to do it all again this year. And to make it fun, they put the name of age of a child onto a tag and hung it on the...

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Blogmas | £5 Secret Santa

Blogmas | Day 17  How many of you have taken part in Secret Santa this year? And, how many of you struggled with ideas? I took part in this years Secret Santa at the local pub I'm working at over Christmas and I was given a woman, that I don't really talk to. I don't...

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Blogmas | Christmas in Chorley

Blogmas | Day 16 Today, I went out into my hometown to experience the 'Winter Wonderland in Chorley'. What is this Winter Wonderland in Chorley I hear you ask? For the first time ever, Chorley have introduced a 60ft by 40ft real ice rink for the festive period. As...

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